Tension Fabric Display

What Is Tension Fabric and How Is It Used for Display Purposes?

One of the most popular display materials around is tension fabric. It has become very sought after and is used in a wide variety of products. It is mainly used for advertising at trade shows, sports days, retail expos, restaurants, and exhibitions.

Tension fabric is basically cloth that is stretched over a frame. The shape of the tension fabric is specifically cut and designed to fit over frames of different sizes and shapes. Examples of these include feather banners and flag banners. The material is also often used to provide a background at glamorous events for photo opportunities. The material is durable and usually consists of polyester mixed with other materials. This material is specifically designed to keep its colour over long periods of time, even with regular outdoor use. It is also easy to keep tension fabric clean. All you need to do is remove the printed cloth from the frame and wash it separately, and then replace the cloth over the frame again.

The ease of use is also one of the reasons why tension fabric is so popular for display purposes. The images can be interchanged over the same frame, which means that you only need to buy a few frames and then have a variety of different images printed. The images can then be changed as needed.

In order to print a design onto the material, dye sublimation printing is used. Whit this printing technique, the image is not printed on top of the fabric. Instead, the design becomes part of the material.

The frames and tubes used for display units are typically made of some sort of rigid metal, as this keeps them robust. Different sizes and shapes can be made, and it is even possible to have custom-designed frames and tension fabric displays created for specific events. In order to ensure that the material remains in place on the frame, attachments are used to secure it in place. Often hooks and loops are used, and in some cases, zips can also be used.

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