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The Novelty of Exhibition

The Novelty of Exhibition Stands in a Hi-Tech Era

A notable and somewhat interesting trend is emerging, what with online life overtaking land-based realities, and now also lockdown exacerbating the tendency towards that online life, while frustrating our ability to gather and fraternise as usual. Exhibitions, conferences, and other arranged gatherings have taken on a new flavour. In this hi-tech era where everything is online by default – or at least heading that way – business fraternity and other exhibitions have moved from laborious (and sometimes tedious) happenstances, to anticipated and welcome interludes of real sharing and amicable gathering, notwithstanding any other purpose they’re intended to facilitate.

Of course, exhibition stands are not “novel”, but what the renewed fervour around exhibitions points to is that we’re still very much a proximity species – our gregarious nature needs physical manifestation to be happy, it seems. What this means for exhibition stands, is that if they were once the centrepiece of your presence, if they subtly or overtly spoke of your company ethos and attitude, and if they enticed people in to see what you were all about – times that by ten at least in the here and now!

Exhibition Stands Need to Say Something About You

Now more than ever, the exhibition stand is both anchor and advert. Its design very gently (or loudly!) speaks of your solid company ethos – it makes a statement about who you are. Having evolved from the humble table and chair, exhibition stands today speak of business fitness and intent, much as exhibition halls and stalls have evolved from a tent in a field. For a highly visual species, first impressions count and no mistake. Exhibitions are all about traffic and connectivity, and exhibition stands are a crucial component of the overall enticement any stall can exude.

What people see forms a persistent image of you in their minds, ergo the supreme importance of bespoke exhibition stands, whether at B2B gatherings, or when dealing with the public. It might seem trivial, but people want to investigate and associate with dynamic brands, and your exhibition stand is your single biggest impression maker when you’re out on show. Your stand is an opportunity to wow an audience, reassure an audience, or intrigue an audience, or preferably all three. Gone are the days when large banners could be draped over anything to impress passers-by – today’s audience is tech-savvy and blasé. It’s essential that the opportunity to reach out and touch people’s consciousness with a striking, modern, and impressive exhibition stand is not lost.

It’s important because – as any exhibitor knows so well – there’s a lot of planning, effort, and investment that goes into exhibiting. It makes sense to optimise ROI by ensuring your exhibition stand conveys the message you want to send out. Don’t forget that many people will simply take a brochure and move on. In the absence of chit-chat, in the absence of a discussion, your exhibit is the only lasting impression they’ll have.

Gawk is an Exhibition Stand Specialist, and We’ve Got an Enviable Portfolio of Work

At Gawk, we’ve long known just how impactful an exhibition stand can be, as it separates you from competitors, etching you into the consciousness of customers, and maintaining your brand ethos, standards, and image. It’s precisely because we know first-hand just how crucial such presentation is, that we manifest exceptional design and build in our clients’ exhibition stands.

If you’d like to wow at your next day out, skip over the mediocre – come to Gawk for the stand and everything that goes with it. Expertly made with quality design and workmanship – and all at a price that will make you smile – you’ll never feel the same way about exhibition stands again. We’re specialists, and our principal speciality is listening carefully to what you’d like to see, and then making it come alive with only the best quality materials and construction. We have a long list of satisfied clients and guarantee that you’ll see and feel the difference we can make to your exhibit.

Call us! We’d love to turn your dreams into reality.