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What Is the Digikiosk?

Digikiosk: The Ideal Digital Data Capturing Solution for Every Situation

This year has brought along challenges that none of us saw coming. Right now, as an employer or public service provider, one of your main concerns should be to protect the health of your employees and visitors. Data is one of our strongest weapons – the more we know, the better we can fight the pandemic. Which is why you should really consider using the Digikiosk as a data capturing terminal for COVID-19 compliance purposes.

What Is the Digikiosk?

These secure tablet kiosks are mountable display units that provide secure housing for a touchscreen tablet. They are designed to accommodate most popular tablets, including the most widely used iPad and Android tablets.

In a world where data is the most valuable asset of any campaign, project, or initiative, and where marketing endeavours need to be robust, accessible, and visible, these kiosks offer a very effective solution that ticks all of these boxes. The interactive nature of this channel allows you to interact with your employees, customers, or general members of the public and can be used for sharing information, collecting data, executing sales, or managing memberships.

3 top reasons why it’s ideal to use the Digikiosk as a data capturing terminal for COVID-19 compliance purposes:

  1. Digital Capturing of Data

Using digital channels to capture data leaves less room for error related to capturing, speeds up the data capturing process, and can immediately collate all the information in one central point, eliminating the need to manually action this.

  1. Allows for Social Distancing

One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus is by staying two metres away from each other. This can be difficult to maintain during one-on-one or verbal data capturing methods. Using a tablet eliminates the need for close interaction among people.

  1. Less Physical Handling of Items

Passing around paper, pens, clipboards, and other items associated with alternative methods of data capturing also poses a risk of spreading the virus. Using a digital kiosk minimises this risk.

Digikiosk Products Available Through Gawk

Gawk offers a range of tablet kiosks to suit a variety of environments. All options below feature a unique swivel action, allowing for the tablets to be used in both portrait and landscape formats without having to unplug the charger.

  • Digikiosk Desktop

This tablet kiosk is designed to be mounted on a desktop with a Kensington lock slot available for additional security. It is ideal for use in reception areas to collect data related to COVID-19 compliance, and can also be used for interactive marketing campaigns, digital catalogues, silent salesman or simply as a digital till point.

  • Digikiosk Floorstanding

The floor stand provides a safe enclosure for your device and feature slots that can be used to bolt it to the ground. This eliminated the need for counters, solid walls, or other features to mount your interactive tablet on. Because of this, the highly visible totem is the perfect option to grab the attention of visitors to your site right at the entrance to capture required data or impart important information at the point of entry.

  • Digikiosk Wallmount

Short on floor or counter space? No problem. This tablet enclosure can be wall-mounted, panel-mounted or, with the addition of an extra bracket, mounted onto a variety of exhibition systems for maximum flexibility in a corporate, retail or exhibition display scenario.

  • Digikiosk Enclosure Gen X

This product is a cost-effective alternative to the standard full acrylic option. Equally secure, this option is compatible with floor, wall, and desktop bases. The Gen X allows you to extend your budget without compromising on function and quality.

Want to find out more about these user-oriented devices? Get in touch with the team at Gawk to discuss the many ways the Digikiosk can help you achieve your data collecting