6 Things to Consider When Designing Exhibition Display Stands

6 Things to Consider When Designing Exhibition Display Stands

Expos are a great way to promote a business. However, the presentation of a business is vital to make this marketing effort a success. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning exhibition display stands:

  1. Identify Your Objective

What would you like to achieve? Designing a great-looking stand is not difficult, but will it help you reach your goals? Before you start designing exhibition display stands, make sure you know what purpose they should serve.

  1. Do Your Research

Make sure you know who will be attending the expo and how they would want to interact with your brand, so that you can cater for the response you want. Also try to find out who your neighbours will be and what they might likely be doing at their exhibition display stands, so that you can create an experience that differs from theirs.

  1. Use the Space

Exhibition display stands are given limited space. Plan carefully, so that you make the absolute most of this space. Make sure there is enough room for the amount of people you are expecting, seats or counters if you want them to hang around, and, of course, enough space to provide the full experience and message you want to deliver without it all feeling overcrowded.

  1. Consider A Multimedia Approach

It is 2020. People want to connect digitally. Make sure you cater for this, as it can also help you save space. Use monitors with videos, display units, and tablets to communicate to and engage with your audience. This will also provide you with the opportunity to collect the details of your audience, so that you can connect with them after the expo.

  1. Catch the Eye

You can have the greatest experience on offer, but if people do not visit your stand, it means nothing. So, make sure you pull out all the stops to attract attention. Use height where possible, bold colours where applicable (but make sure it fits with your brand or product), interesting materials, and movement or sound – get eyes on your stand, whatever it takes.

  1. Be Clear

Be careful to not replace substance with spectacle. While you want to draw attention, your objective is still to engage with your audience and market your product or service. Is your message clear enough? Is there a journey for your audience to go on? Is your offering understandable, and does your audience know what is expected of them when engaging with your stand?

For more information on exhibition display stands, contact Gawk. We can help you create the perfect stand for your brand.