Exhibition and Point of sale

Offering you custom point of sale, retail display and trade show solutions. Our turnkey design and manufacturing service is supported by highly skilled staff and a general commitment to quality. Working with a variety of materials and manufacturing processes, we are able to produce one-off’s to mass rollout’s to suit your budget.



Your brand deserves nothing less.

Looking for something a little more bespoke? Our in-house design team will interpret your brief into a visual masterpiece. We will also bring your design to life! We don’t cut corners. Ensuring every last detail is to perfection, because we strongly believe that what your client sees is how they perceive your brand. Quality workmanship is the life blood of our custom work. We don’t do half baked, we do perfect!

Your brief.
Perfect ingredients to bake the perfect pie.

Our designers are like great Chefs, they need great ingredients to produce a visual masterpiece.

You are the store that holds those ingredients.

Take your time to compile a detailed design brief, give our designers as much visual information as you possibly can. We need to ‘see’ what you are seeing and interpret your vision into a 3D marketing space that makes a positive impression on your clients.

Design is a collaborative process, it cannot exist in a vacuum.

Contact one of our sales professionals to guide you through the process of creating your own unique display solution guaranteed to set your brand apart from the pack.


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