Queue Barriers

Versatile Crowd Control

Effective crowd control and queue management solutions. Use retractable belt barriers for high traffic areas where flexibility is required to re-configure queues based on crowd size. For VIP areas where both elegance and functionality are needed, silver and gold stanchions with both braided and velvet ropes are available.



Retractable Queue Barrier

High Traffic Crowd Control

Queue management or crowd control is simplified with the use of retractable queue barriers. The retractable belts, available in various colours, clip onto the stanchion post. The four point clipping system allows you to arrange queuing systems in a number of configurations. Stanchion posts disassemble from the base for ease of transport.

Retractable belt cartridges are replaceable and belts can be branded. Optional A4 advertising signs can be fitted to the stanchion post tops.


  • Maximum belt extension 1.5m
  • Stanchions flat pack for ease of transport
  • Belts can be branded, up to 3 colours
  • Replaceable belt cartridges
  • Optional A4 advertising signs available for tops of posts

Rope Queue Barrier

VIP Queue Management

Elevate the status of your event using VIP rope stanchions. Available in chrome or gold with braided or velvet ropes in three colours, rope barriers offer a classy way to manage queues at your venue.


  • Stanchions flat pack
  • Rope span up to 1.5m
  • Weighted base makes unit very stable


Queue Management with Maximum Brand Exposure

Queuing naturally presents a high traffic area with long linger time. This is the ideal opportunity to present your  marketing message to a ‘captured’ audience.

The Triga Go® textile queuing system offers maximum branding exposure with an unparalleled 100% brand real estate  per square metre of hardware. In other words, no hardware is visible!

This is unmatched in the industry. By making your crowd control solution work for you, you are able to realise real  marketing return on your original investment.

Interchangeable textile prints mean that you can cycle your marketing campaigns as you please using the original re- configurable hardware.


  • Modular system. Create your own configurations in 90° increments.
  • Tool-less. No tools required to install or dismantle.
  • Maximum graphic exposure, single and double sided.
  • Fire retardent textile prints, OSH compliant.
  • 2 year hardware warranty

Retractable Queue Barrier Wall Mount

Aisle management and building cordons

Where temporary access control or area cordoning is required in buildings, wall mountable retractable belt barriers provide the perfect solution.

With a maximum belt extension of 2m, these belt barriers span most walkways, doorways and access areas. Belts are available in a selection of colours and can be branded on both sides.


  • Maximum belt extension 2.0m
  • 4 point mount bracket
  • Belts can be branded
  • Replaceable belt cartridges


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