Clip Frames and Framing Services

Go the Stylish Route with Clip Frames and Other Professional Framing Services

What is the difference between making that deal, and losing out to your competition? It could be something as small, yet significant, as the type of framing you use to display your branding and marketing materials. Long gone are the days of merely building it and expecting everyone to come running.

In today’s hyper competitive economy, having a superior product or service is no longer enough to secure your company’s future success. So what is the solution? You have to be better and bigger than your competition, and not necessarily in terms of budgets. Be excellent and do everything well. This includes the details, such as using professional framing services to help carry your brand in a professional manner.

Clip frames offer an inexpensive and professional way in which to frame your marketing and branding materials. They are also durable, providing you with years of reliable service, which only further boosts their appeal among marketers from all sectors of the economy. These are only a few of the many reasons why companies of all shapes and sizes prefer working with professional framing services capable of supplying the durable and appealing clip frames that help to present their materials in the best light.

Podd Display is Your First Choice for Professional Framing Services in Johannesburg

At Podd Display, we believe that every customer deserves our undivided attention, regardless of the size or scope of their order. We are well-known for our smooth action clip frames. These snapper frames are designed to snap open to easily interchange prints and posters, thus making them ideal for re-use time and again. This further bolsters their affordability appeal, and ensures that you receive the very best value for money when investing in our professional framing services.

Our S-Series profile doesn’t make use of steel springs. Instead, the clip is integrated as part of the frame profile. This little innovative difference makes for years of reliable, hassle-free service. All frames also come with white correx backing and a frosted PVC cover lens, thus making them even more dependable and durable. We have a range of standard poster sizes readily available, however, we can also accommodate custom sizes which are made to order.

You really don’t have any excuse not to tap into our rich resources of quality framing products and services to find the best solution for your needs. If you need some more reasons to invest in our clip frames and make use of our professional framing services, then here are just a few:

• Easy hinge mechanism.
• Colours available on order.
• Full-colour prints are optional.
• Standard anodised aluminium finish.
• White correx board backing and frosted PVC lens come standard with all frames.

Strike the Right Note with Professional Framing Services

We have been around a while. We know how important it is to find the exact product to display your finely tuned and researched marketing and branding message in a cost-effective and professional manner, and with maximum visual impact. This is why our S-Series clip frames are made of durable raw materials, making it easy to change posters.

With the double frame clip system, you have optimal display possibilities that can minimise the time required to remove and replace posters. Let us help you keep your branding message in top condition, and help your business to enjoy the many advantages of changing its messages frequently according to specials and noteworthy events. Never compromise when it comes to branding, but invest in the very best quality clip frames available on the market. We look forward to helping you access quality and professional framing services that you can afford.