Different Types of Retail Display Stands

The Different Types of Retail Display Stands Available at Podd Display

 When most people think of retail display stands, they probably recall some magazine stands or brochure holders. While these certainly fall into the category of retail display stands, there is a lot more to retail display than some brochure stands. Modern technology has moved the display industry forward in many new ways, and there are now more types of retail display stands on the market than ever before. Most of these are portable, in order to make them easy to move from one event to another, or from one area in a retail environment to another. They are also easy to set up and take down, and often the images on them can easily be changed.

At Podd Display, we specialise in a wide range of retail display stands. Our stands are all made of high-quality materials that provide super durability, great functionality, and most importantly, are great to look at! Our range includes the following types of display stands:

  • Brochure holders: Yes, the ubiquitous brochure stand is still around, but ours stand out above the rest because they are innovative and different. We ensure that we create noticeable stands that draw the eye and ensure that your printed brochures are stacked neatly, while still being easy to access. With a highly practical design our Exapandastand holders are easy to connect together to save space. The holders are created from plastic that is custom fabricated according to the needs of the client.
  • Clip frames or snap frames: If you would like to make your brand as visible as possible in a retail environment, we recommend the use of our clip frames. They are the best way to display posters. They are lightweight and designed to keep your images as visible as possible. Because clip frames can be mounted outside as well as inside, they provide a great way to give your customers a tantalising taste of what is available inside the store. The pictures are easy to change as needed, and the frames keep your marketing materials looking fantastic.
  • Display stands: These are free-standing display units that can be used indoors and outdoors. Our range includes the typical pavement sign (but in a modern design), the lollipop stand with a variety of bases, and the H-stand. All of these are lightweight, durable, and easy to set up or take down. These provide maximum visibility for your brand in any environment!
  • Hanging banners: In certain environments, such as exhibitions and trade shows, these can be applied with great success. A large banner hanging from the ceiling is hard to ignore, and there are various designs available – all of which are made to draw the eye. They can even be used very successfully in a retail environment.
  • Lightboxes: One of the most innovative and attractive ways to display your images is with a lightbox. These clever retail display units consist of a frame that contains the image. The image is printed on light, but durable fabric, and this provides great image clarity. The frame is then lit up from behind, and this displays the image and makes it stand out.
  • Promotional kiosks: These exceptionally practical kiosks are great for use in just about any environment. Whether in the middle of a shopping centre, a busy retail outlet, an exhibition, or a sports day, they are designed to draw attention, and to entice customers and potential consumers to interact with the brand. A variety of display media can be applied in the kiosk, such as tablet displays or an interactive computer display. The possibilities are virtually endless.

At Podd Display, we have many other types of retail display stands that will suit your marketing needs and your business environment. If you would like to find out more about these products or other retail display stands, give our team a call today.