Digi Kiosks or Tablet Stands and Displays

Use Your Tablets to Their Full Potential with Beautifully Designed Digital Kiosks

An increasing number of companies are employing the compact power of tablets in their promotions and marketing drives. Tablets make it far easier than ever to accurately capture prospects’ details, and to pull clients into an interactive virtual world, appealing to the modern consumer’s digital consciousness and natural curiosity. However, standing around with just a tablet in your hand, waiting for a consumer to walk by and shoving it into their hands, does not make for a very elegant marketing strategy.
This is why more companies are investing in digital kiosks, and you should start to think about them as an integral part of your exhibition’s architecture. Among our DigiKiosk Desktop, floor-standing DigiKiosk, or DigiKiosk Ovio Enclosure products, amongst others, there are several options available to you. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of these digital kiosks, your business also benefits from the obvious security they offer. Now you can secure your tablets and hardware with kiosks that feature extra slots for bolting the units to the floor.

As these DigiKiosk products are also easy to transport, thanks to their flat-pack design, you can easily and quickly set up and take down your displays, making it easier to travel between different exhibitions and shows throughout the week. All you need is to partner with a reputable designer and manufacturer of digital kiosks to help you maximise the visual appeal of your new hardware.

Our Digital Kiosks Help You Make the Most of Your Tablet Technology

For many years, we have been designing display hardware that is robust and flexible to meet the increasing demands of modern marketing campaigns. Our range of secure DigiKiosk offerings can accommodate an extensive range of Apple iPads and Android tablets, suited to a variety of applications and marketing environments. The units are designed for quick and convenient fitment of all the most popular tablets. What is even better is the fact that we offer beautifully branded digital kiosks. Brand them to suit your specific requirements. Build brand awareness while delivering exceptional customer care, by adding your company logo, image, and slogan to your digital kiosks. Branding options vary, and include full or half branding and enclosures.

Our digital kiosk enclosures are easy to install, and require minimal assembly time. These enclosures are well-suited to indoor and outdoor (under cover) applications. The DigiKiosk models are all sleek, stylish, and compact in design, offering you everything you need to protect your valuable marketing assets. You will find a derivative suitable for your specific display requirements.

Why We are Your First Choice for Digital Kiosks

Thanks to our large buying power, we can keep our rates as competitive as possible. Put simply, this means you never have to pay more for your digital kiosks than necessary. Instead, you can look forward to accessing quality, durable, secure, and affordable events architecture and kiosks that will deliver on all its promises. Throughout the years, we have worked with countless companies to deliver the excellent solutions they have come to expect from us. We know what modern consumers want, and we can help you appeal to their proclivity towards modern technology.

Our DigiKiosk and other products are manufactured using the very best quality raw materials, in order to guarantee their performance. By doing so, we have forged a reputation for quality, durable, and reliable products. Let us help you elevate your brand, while providing your clients with a great customer journey. Contact us to learn more about what we do, and how it can benefit you. We look forward to hearing from you.