Effective Display Stands and Display Products

Strengthen Your Advertising through Effective Display Stands and Display Products

 It is vital for any organisation to reach customers who are willing to spend money on their products or services. Typically, marketing strategies that include advertising are used to:

  1. Announce the presence of the product, service, or brand to the relevant target market
  2. Inform the customer about the brand
  3. Increase the visibility of the brand
  4. Make the potential customer curious about the brand
  5. Get the customer to buy the brand
  6. Motivate the customer to continue to buy the brand
  7. Encourage brand loyalty in order for the customer to recommend the brand to others.

Usually, the first is the most difficult, and in a market filled with competition and ever-increasing new ideas, it could be difficult to remain ahead of the curve. Businesses, and especially new ones, are often encouraged by business experts to attend events where they can expose their brand to the customer. These include attending trade events, conventions, exhibitions, sports days, awards events, and taking advantage of opportunities where the target customer is likely to be. When attending these events, companies need to use the most effective display stands and display products.

Of course, advertising in different forms can be used as well, but these can be rather costly, especially when it comes to new or small businesses that do not have a great capital outlay for marketing. This is where the new generation of display stands and display products can make a huge difference. They cost a lot less than traditional advertising, but research shows that they are highly effective at getting the brand noticed and forming a strong presence at any event. A strong display strategy will therefore involve the right types of display stands and display products, placed in the correct places to draw the attention of the correct consumer.

There is now a wide variety of display stands and display products available on the market. While we were stuck with billboards and some badly designed flags 20 years ago, you can now make use of mobile products that can be easily erected and dismantled, are highly impactful, and are light and to carry around. These include the following:

  • Mobile backdrops that can be used as a background for photographs and walkways
  • Display kiosks that can be set up quickly in a variety of different environments
  • Framed displays using light technology
  • Clip-on frames in which images can be displayed with a backlight to make them more visually stimulating
  • Fabric frames, which consist of a frame over which printed fabric is stretched.
  • Attractive and eye-catching brochure stands and displays.

Your choice of display stands and display products will be dictated by your advertising strategy. You have to ask yourself questions, such as:

  • Who do we need to attract with the display?
  • What are the correct product offerings for our target market?
  • How can we encourage people to invest in the product offering?
  • Where are the best places to display, and what are the demands of these environments when it comes to display stands and display products?

If you need advice on which display stands and display products to use, you can consult with some professionals in the display industry. At Podd Display, we have a range of products that can boost the power of your display, and connect your brand with your consumer in order to generate more sales. Our design studio can design the most eye-catching images and brand displays for your business, and because we understand display, we are aware of all the new developments on the market. We use only the best technology to ensure that our products are able to perform according to your needs. Give our expert team a call today to find out more about how we can help you make the most of your display stands and display products!