Exhibition Display Stands to Achieve Maximum Visual Impact

Great Tips for Constructing Exhibition Display Stands to Achieve Maximum Visual Impact

 Exhibitions and trade shows can go a long way towards bringing your products or services to the attention of the right people. Exhibitions remain one of the most effective ways to market and advertise your brand, and to provide your potential customers and current clients with an opportunity to interact with the brand. Because there are a lot of competitors at exhibitions, it is important to stand out above the crowd, so building striking exhibition display stands is important.

Here are some tips regarding the construction of your exhibition display stands:

  • Effective design: It is very important to have a look and feel that represents your brand. You have to cater to the visual tastes of your target market, in order to draw them closer to your display stands. It should be set up in a way that impresses the right audience, in order to put you above your competition. Once you have done this, they will have more opportunities to interact with your brand and the sales people or media at your exhibition stand. An effectively designed display stand will be representative of the identity of the brand, and should provide information and visual stimulus. Technology- or media-based visual displays also work very well.
  • Small also works: Your great ambition can be reflected by your exhibition display stand without having to cost a bomb. Usually, at exhibitions, you pay per square metre used, which means that the larger your stand is, the more you will pay for the space. You really don’t need a large stand – a small stand can often provide everything you need, as long as it is well designed and intimate, without being cramped. A smaller stand can therefore be cost effective.
  • Creativity is important: You can use various things to add interest to the stand, and to add an atmosphere of innovation and excitement. Technology is a great way to display things – computer screens with moving images or a video can be used, and often the better stands use tablets in their stands that allow the customers to interact with the brand through a game, survey, or website. Just don’t overdo it – too many screens, colours, and movement can create a chaotic atmosphere that could be unsettling.
  • Go for goal: When you choose people to build your exhibition display stands, they have to know what you expect in terms of look and feel. Set some goals or objectives that you need the stand to achieve, and discuss with the builders how this can be achieved. Professional exhibition stand builders often have great ideas, so they will be able to provide suggestions that may increase the attractiveness and practicality of your exhibition display stand.
  • Plan ahead: If you have had a new stand made, you have to test it out first and check out how it can be put together for maximum impact. If you can, take the time to build or set up the stand in the office or another place before the exhibition. This allows you to check out how it all fits together and what works best. Make a checklist of all the tools and items required, so that you can run through this the day of the exhibition, to ensure that everything is there when you need it. Planning and preparation can often save the day!

If you regularly attend exhibitions and need someone to build exhibition display stands for you, our team at Podd Display have all the skills and experience to put together the perfect solution for you. Give our team a call today.