Fully Branded Retail Display Stands

Harnessing the Power of Well-Designed Retail Display Stands

It happens to everyone: People are in line at the store, waiting to pay for their goods, when something attracts the eye. The display is colourful and vibrant, and it immediately sparks a curiosity about the product being displayed. Perhaps it is just a new type of salami in some awesome-looking packaging, or perhaps even just a type of gum that has updated their packaging – the point is, it got your attention and you are tempted to buy it!

Often, we then take these products without thinking too hard about it, and voilà! The seller has sold one more product. And because the products that are displayed at the till points are usually within the lower price range and highly promoted through the display, it very seldom causes buyer’s remorse – which is a win for both the purchaser and the manufacturer!

Powerful retail display stands help the retailer to take advantage of the curiosity of the customer at the point of sale. Retailers everywhere are well aware of the power of the POS display, and they use it to great benefit everywhere around the world.

What Purpose Do Retail Display Stands Serve?

They are used everywhere throughout a store – from the back to the front, even at the point of sale, where they have a huge impact. The truth is that the type of retail display stands you use can make a great impact on how much product you sell every day. Retail display stands have to reflect the ethos and the character of the company, and their products have to look good on the stands. The simple fact is that it has to be as appealing as possible, and as a result, your products and your display stands have to work in synergy to make the most of the display, without detracting from the brand. A great retail display is designed to draw attention for all the right reasons, to interest the potential consumer, and to entice them to interact with the brand or product. It is important to showcase the product in its best form, and convey a message regarding the product which is accurate and attractive.

Custom-Built Retail Display Stands

While there are a lot of off-the-rack standard display stands out there, you can maximise the impact of your display with customised stands. This means that the retail display stands are designed specifically to represent the brand, shop or character of the business. This means that the consumer forms an idea of the product, even before they have interacted with it. A custom display is the best way to get your brand noticed by the market. It creates a holistic image that associates the product with the display. For instance, if you sell vintage linen, modern stainless-steel display racks will not do the product justice. You need wooden racks that remind the consumer of times gone by, valuable time spent with older people, valuable and quality linens and priceless embroidery. A modern, high-end retailer of custom-made jeans will need a more industrial approach to draw a young and trendy consumer. This means that your retail display stands have to be, at all times, in line with the products you are selling, in order to get the best return on your display investments.

If you are serious about harnessing the display power of your products, give our team at Podd Display a call. We specialise in the provision of eye-catching retail display stands that will draw your customer closer to your product. We know there is huge value and power in creative display, so give us a call to find out more.