How Pop-Up Display Walls Can Increase Your Display Power

How Pop-Up Display Walls Can Increase Your Display Power

 There are various ways of getting your brand noticed and pop-up display walls can increase your visibility to a very large extent. Think about all the glamorous events where celebrities are photographed against a background of brand logos and the brand gets noticed as much as the celebs. These are all pop-up display walls that are used as photographic backdrops to increase the visibility of the brand. They are great tools to have in your marketing arsenal and provide great exposure when you need it most.

Pop-up display walls are commonly used at trade shows, exhibitions, and events where it is vital to bring your brand, product, or service to the attention of potential consumers. They have a great visual impact and help get your brand noticed. One of the most desirable features of these display walls is that they are a lot more cost effective than traditional advertising media, such as television or print. In fact, if you set up your branded pop-up display walls in the right positions at events, you will receive free exposure when pictures or videos are taken in front of your display wall for television or print media. They are ideal advertising and marketing tools for any event or exhibition. Other reasons why savvy marketing managers love to use pop-up display walls include the following:

  • Easy to set up: As the name suggests, these wonderful display walls literally pop-up where you need them to. They are made of panels that are stretched across a frame and magnetized strips. A pop-up display wall provides a crease-free screen as a backdrop.
  • Versatility: Because pop-up displays can be changed according to the needs of the brand, the materials or images used on the screens can be changed whenever needed, and they all fit onto the same frame. This means that you can display a variety of brands or products at the same event by just changing the screen.
  • Robust: High-quality pop-up display walls are made of scuff resistant materials that can handle high resolution images. As a result, they won’t fade or scuff, even when erected and dismantled on a regular basis. They are made of lightweight yet strong materials and are incredibly durable. This, paired with the excellent visibility they provide, will help you get a truly great return on your marketing investment. They are also easy to store and transport.

If you are interested in purchasing pop-up display walls to promote your brand, give our excellent team at Podd Display a call. We will be able to help you with the design and the structure, while providing outstanding value for your money.