Innovative Brochure Display Stands

Display in Style with Innovative, Attractive Brochure Display Stands from Podd Display

 Not many people realise how important it is to display brochures in an effective manner. It is essential to keep the brochures visible, yet neat and tidy at all times, and if you choose the wrong display units, the message of your display can get lost altogether. The positioning of your brochure display stands is also vital – it has to be placed in a position that draws maximum attention, such as at a check-in desk, the point of sale, or even in a waiting room where people have time to notice and peruse the brochure.

At exhibitions or trade shows, the rules tend to differ a little, and you have to find creative ideas about where to place your brochure display stands to draw maximum attention. Usually, these are well placed where people can notice them when they approach the stand – if the brochures attract their attention, they are more likely to stop and take an interest in your stand or brand.

Brochure display stands from Podd Display come in various forms, shapes and materials. Our wonderfully innovative and highly functional range of brochure display stands includes the following:

  • Perspex desk stands: We have a variety of models in this range – from the multi-tiered Expandastand that can hold a variety of different brochures at different levels in the same stand, to the Expandastand business card holders, the A4 brochure holder, and also a Trifold brochure holder. These are best for use on a stand, table or desk, and the sleek look and transparent Perspex provides a good view of the brochures inside to draw the eye.
  • Standalone brochure stands: For bigger booklets and brochures, the standalone brochure display stands will work very well, especially at trade shows or exhibitions. These stands are solid, weighted and very sturdy, keeping your brochures safe, tidy and on display where it counts. They are made of lightweight materials and are retractable to make them easy to set up, take down, and to pack away. They are also compact to store and very robust.

All our brochure display stands can be branded according to your exact specifications to make even more of an impact, and you can take pride in your displays if you use the innovate brochure display stands provided by our team at Podd Display. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you to improve your display power!