iPad and Tablet Display Stands

Two Very Good Reasons to Use iPad and Tablet Display Stands to Get Your Brand Noticed

 Effective display is a huge part of marketing today. The aim of the exercise is to get your brand or your business noticed by potential customers. Even further than that, once the brand has been introduced to the potential client, it has to be noticeable enough to be memorable. Once it becomes memorable, brand familiarity is built, and brand familiarity is one of the cornerstones of effective marketing!

It has been proven over and over again that once a brand is recognised by a potential client, consumers are more than likely to choose it over any other brand that the person is not familiar with, even if they have never actually used the brand before. This means that you must get your brand noticed by the right people, and your display has to be effective enough to make it deeply memorable.

New trends in display develop all the time. Some of the best current display trends involve iPad and tablet display stands which are highly interactive and easy to manage, making them incredibly effective. They allow the potential customer to interact with the brand on their own terms and to explore the benefits that the brand, service or product can bring to them as businesses or as individuals. Here we talk about two of the most important advantages you can enjoy if you choose to use iPad and tablet display stands to bring your brand closer to your consumer.

Reason no. 1: Interaction

Because it is so easy to set up interactive displays, it gives the potential consumer the ideal opportunity to find out more about your brand, service or product on their own time. Whether you are in a retail environment, at a trade show or a sports day, providing the customer an interface on a tablet or an iPad allows them the time and space to learn more about what you are selling.

For instance, in a retail make-up environment, you can give them the opportunity to take a selfie and do a makeup makeover onscreen with the current brands. You can even add a printer that will allow them to print out the end product! This will encourage them to engage further with your brand and is sure to boost sales in the end. If software is the product being sold, you can set up your iPad and tablet display stands in a way that helps the consumer to test their attraction to the program or application before they use it. You can even encourage customers to fill in details in an online form so that you can gain valuable information for marketing and sales leads.

Reason no. 2: Engagement

Since practically everyone nowadays is on social media, giving your customers a chance to engage with your display and post onto their social media can only be a bonus. This means that your potential customers are doing part of your marketing for you and, in the process, they endorse your brand.

One example is a retail operation that engages their customers with in-house iPad and table display stands where they are allowed to post updates on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell their followers about their shopping experience, latest news and about what they bought. This helps to expand the social media following for the brand. A good social media following can simply not be beaten in the modern world.

If you would like to find out more about how our iPad and tablet display stands can help to improve your brand recognition and increase your sales, give our team at Podd Display a call. We specialise in innovative technologies that can bring your brand display to a whole new level!