Portable Stands for Branding

Portable Stands for Retailers and Exhibitors Who Want to Turn Heads and Increase Sales

Competition is not something that any company can escape and in today’s cut-throat world of retail, having a great product or service is just not enough. Competition has never been more aggressive and if you want to turn heads, reach a larger target audience and create a positive impression, you need to leave no stone unturned. Regardless of size, whether a start-up or a large corporation, exhibitions and trade shows have been proven to have immense marketing value for any businesses trying to get their product and brand out on the street. But in order to make the most of your space at these valuable events, you need to choose the right portable stands.

A Proven Successful Marketing Strategy

While there are many start-ups, retailers and exhibitors who have gone on to make portable stands a part of their yearly advertising budget, there are just as many who are only now realising how powerful these display stands can be. A rising global trend at conferences, corporate presentations, expos, product launches, pop-up shops, exhibitions, trade shows and retail stores, the use of portable stands is a successful marketing strategy that has proven its worth over and over again. Not only is it the most cost-effective approach to increasing brand exposure, but it also boosts customer loyalty and trust, helps to create a positive impression and image, improves corporate identity, inspires interest in your brand, makes your company look professional, and promotes company pride. And last but not least, portable stands offer FREE advertising. That’s right. FREE. Considered as the greatest salesman you’ll ever have, portable stands are an unrivalled marketing tool when it comes to turning heads, drawing in customers and showcasing your brand and message.

We Create Sleek, Stylish and Modern Portable Displays

Whether you’re a business working the exhibition and tradeshow circuit, or you’re a start-up retailer trying to get your brand out on the street, chances are high that you’ve heard about Podd Display. As the leading players in exhibition display with a large portfolio to prove it, our customer-focused approach has set us above our competitors for more than a decade. Having perfected our trade to match any requirement or industry, we have earned an outstanding reputation throughout South Africa for creating sleek, stylish and modern portable displays that attract attention and increase sales.

Our Portable Stands Come in Many Styles

Combining originality, functionality and creativity with a vast knowledge of the exhibition and trade show circuit, we know exactly what it takes to create a successful and effective space using portable stands. Striving to produce solutions that are modern, sophisticated and innovative, we’re proud to boast an extremely talented team of designers and craftsmen that have achieved remarkable success in delivering portable stands to businesses throughout South Africa. Taking your ideas and combining them with ours, our portable stands can be found in many different styles, such as booths, brochure stands, counters, exhibition walls, display stands, light boxes, promo kiosks, pop up-walls, shell mounts, totems, towers, wall mounts and so much more.

Affordable, practical, versatile and of superior quality – whether you’re looking for a light box or two, a bulk order of pull-up banners with a service contract, or you’re looking to update an exhibition banner or develop an exhibition wall from the ground up, we’ve got all the tools that you’ll need to showcase your brand and get noticed for all the right reasons. Leaders in influencing the customer’s behaviour in favour of successful branding solutions – we are the right experts to talk to.

To get more information on our portable stands, chat to a Podd Display expert today.