Premium Stanchions and Rope Barriers

It’s Not So Crowded with Proper Crowd Control and Rope Barriers

Crowd control is an aspect of live events that often receives an afterthought to all the other arrangements of the day. It usually doesn’t receive the consideration it needs, until people are smack in the middle of a disorganised event. However, it’s a topic that professional event co-ordinators and traffic control professionals take to heart.

Without proper crowd control policies and strategies in place, there is always the prospect of even the simplest of live events turning into a confusing gathering of people unsure of where to go, and what to do. Not to mention, that this could potentially be a dangerous recipe for chaos. Crowd control doesn’t need to be as unattractive as many people perceive it to be. Beautifully designed and executed stanchions and rope barriers can lend an air of tasteful sophistication to any event.

What Do Rope Barriers Really Do?

Rope barriers act as an indication for people to know where they’re supposed to go, and where they’re not supposed to step. Barriers are designed to keep people flowing in a specific direction, and to also keep them from entering areas that are restricted to authorised personnel. The best crowd control rope barriers are tough, but flexible, with the capability of being installed in numerous settings.

Rope barriers are used to:

  • Direct foot traffic
  • Secure specific areas
  • Create pedestrian railing

Proper crowd control necessitates careful planning, coupled with the ability to adapt open areas to a configuration that keeps traffic and people under control. An example of this is where, at a live event, there can be long lines of people queuing to get into the venue. Rope barriers and stanchions can be used to indicate where the lines can form. After the crowd dwindles, the rope barriers can easily be removed, and reassembled at a different location, should the need arise.

Choose Our High-Traffic Crowd Control Rope or Belt Barriers

If you’re in search of a solution for high-traffic crowd control, we have what you are looking for. Simply combine your live events’ queue management and crowd control with our quality retractable rope barriers. The belts are also available in various colours, and clip onto the stanchion posts in a minimalist, stylish way. It is a specially designed four-point clipping system that allows you to arrange the queuing systems in a number of configurations.

Stanchion posts disassemble from the base for even easier transport, making it more convenient to travel to and from venues. The retractable belt cartridges are replaceable, and the belts can be branded with your company’s logos, slogans and branding. Should the need arise, optional A4 advertising signs can also be fitted to the stanchion post tops.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons behind the popularity of our retractable belt barriers, and why you should consider them for your business:

  • Available in green, blue, red and black belts.
  • Belts can be branded with up to four colours.
  • Posts and bases are available in matt black or silver chrome.
  • Belt cartridges are replaceable, extending the life of the barrier.
  • Our stanchions can be packed flat, for greater ease of transport.

Save On Your Rope and Belt Barriers and Stanchions

We make it easy to afford the very best quality stanchions and rope barriers available on the market today. Tap into our large buying power, and never pay more for your stanchions than necessary. Contact us if you’re in the market for display products and portable display architecture as well. We look forward to helping you benefit from our extensive line of products.