The Effectiveness of Gazebo Displays

The Effectiveness of Gazebo Displays

 When people walk into a retail space, a sports event, a trade show, or exhibition, they will naturally notice all the items that stand out. If these items convey a positive message, the brand will be attractive to the person and will make them curious. This will draw them to the stand, where they will then be able to discover more about the brand, product, or service. It also gives them an opportunity to interact with the sales staff and perhaps even with the brand, which in turn leads to more sales and a better bottom line.

Because of their size, gazebos are used in a variety of environments. Gazebo displays are effective for a variety of reasons, which includes the following:

  • Easy to set up and take down: Modern gazebos are specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to erect by one or two people (depending on the size of the gazebo).
  • Easy to transport: They are easy to fold up into a small, compact size, and come with a handy but sturdy carrier bag that makes them easy to carry. Because they are made of lightweight materials, they are light enough to be carried by one person, which makes gazebo displays particularly handy for sales people who travel to various sales events, or for those who do markets on a regular basis. Because they fold up so neatly into a relatively small package, they can fit into vehicles and be transported and unloaded with ease.
  • Provide shelter: Your gazebo displays can provide shelter at an outdoor event from the sun, rain, and wind. If regular outdoor events are attended, we recommend that you purchase a gazebo that is specifically constructed for use outdoors. These are still lightweight, yet sturdy and stable enough to deal with various outdoor situations. Most gazebos can also be purchased with detachable flaps that can close up the interior of the gazebo in order to provide a private space (these are often used in the field for medical testing and counselling) or to provide protection from the elements.

While there are a lot of advantages to gazebos, your gazebo displays are only as effective as the design. A true sense of the aesthetic is required, and there is a lot of strategy involved in visual display. Visual merchandising is a science, and the experts recommend that you get a professional person or company to do the design, as well as advise you on setting up your displays for maximum effect.

Colour also plays a great role. Ideally, the colours that are associated with the company or brand should be used, but this should be done in a manner that will attract the right customer and not repel them. Colours should not be too loud – there is always the temptation to use extremely bright or vibrant colours to attract attention, but because this can be overwhelming, this can actually put people off instead of drawing them in.

It should be easy to read the brand name, symbols, or copy on your gazebo displays. Use a clean font and print the characters big enough so that people can see the brand name. Fonts that are too small or too messy can confuse the eye and will downgrade the display.

Because gazebo displays can be so effective in a wide variety of situations, we want you to get the best from your investment. At Podd Display, we specialise in the effective design of your gazebo displays, and we can help you to maximise the power of your gazebo displays. Call us today to find out more!