Face Shields

The Importance of Face Shields

Why Face Shields Are So Important for Your Staff, and Where to Get Them

The current coronavirus pandemic has been around for only a couple of months, and already it has changed our approach to everyday living so drastically that it is hard to imagine the world before all of this started. It will be a while still before things return to normal, and even then, life probably will not ever be the same as it was. The impact has changed the fundamental way we approach many things. One of these is the adoption of PPE (personal protection equipment), such as masks, face shields, and disposable gloves in social and workplace environments.

As we start easing the lockdown regulations and return to work and business as usual, it does not mean the threat of spreading the virus has diminished. In fact, we need to be extra vigilant in ensuring that we do not fall victim to a second wave, necessitating a need to return to more stringent lockdown measures. This requires us to be responsible and consistent in our use of PPE, such as masks and face shields.

The government’s guidelines regarding Covid-19 health and safety protocols for employers include a commitment to sanitation and hygiene, as well as the provision of appropriate personal protective equipment, like masks and face shields, as determined by the National Department of Health.

As an employer, it is not only your responsibility, but also in your best interest to provide your employees with masks and face shields. Protecting the health of your employees also means protecting the health of your business. Your staff is your most valuable asset, and they are human beings who deserve a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, absenteeism due to illness is a costly expense for a business. Add to that the need to close shop and have your premises professionally cleaned after a possible outbreak of Covid-19, and the losses start piling up. Furthermore, you also stand the chance to put off the public, or clients, from visiting your business premises if they feel it is a health risk.

Note: Face shields alone do not provide complete, fool-proof protection against the coronavirus.

The purpose of face shields is to inhibit the spread of droplets and aerosols that could potentially carry the virus. This does not mean that a shield alone will make you immune to the virus or provide complete protection. It is merely a contributing factor to help curb the spread.

This is an important fact. It does not make the use of face shields any less important, and neither should it act as an excuse to relax our guard. Combine a shield with a face mask for even greater protection, and make sure you always follow the other guidelines as well, as put forward by the government. This includes social distancing, washing your hands regularly, and using hand sanitiser.

You can get all these items – the masks, face shields, hand sanitiser, and more – that you need to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for your staff and clients, through Gawk. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs, and we will provide you with a quote.