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Getting to Grips with Advertising and Branding in the 21st Century Economy

Whenever a company looks to establish itself in the marketplace, it frequently turns to an effective branding and advertising strategy for help. The concept of a branding identity is used to create a look and feel that is immediately recognisable in the marketplace. Good branding is able to increase the value of the product as well as the company itself. As any business owner knows, a company’s identity in the marketplace is far too easily able to make or break its profitability as a whole.

Creating awareness of the company is a natural and desired consequence of working hard on branding and advertising. An example of this is one of the world’s leading brands, namely Coca-Cola. Even though a South African can see it in another country, with foreign language labelling, you will still know that it’s a Coca-Cola product. The shape of the bottle, the font and the red colour is an immediate trigger in the minds of many consumers that this is in fact a Coca-Cola product. If you’ve ever wanted to see branding and advertising at its very best, then you don’t need to look far and wide.

Consistency in the Marketplace

The more your customers see your branding in the marketplace, the more they will come to trust it and consider a purchase. Should you keep your branding really consistent; the customer will more than likely begin to feel that the quality of what you are selling is consistent too. This is the first step of their journey to becoming a loyal follower and customer of your brand. Keep in mind, however, that for this to happen the product will have to maintain a quality consistency so that its image is reflected well in the minds of consumers.

Have you ever noticed how the number of commercials advertising “New!” products and new marketing plans go down noticeably during tough economic times? During uncertain economic times many companies become extremely conservative and cautious with their advertising budgets, but history has shown that marketers who rise to the challenge during these times often enjoy numerous benefits.

When your competitors minimise or reduce their advertising and branding efforts, a resourceful and smart company will capitalise on the opportunities to fill the gap in the marketplace. Any entrepreneur in South Africa realise that today’s marketplace is extremely competitive and very fragmented. It has become even more difficult for any company to stand out from the clutter of brands that offer similar products and services.

In order for you to have a prayer at succeeding, your branding and advertising will have to differentiate your company and products. Investing in a diversified and integrated advertising and branding strategy is pivotal for your success and advertising should play a key component of this strategy.

Building Brand Awareness and Exposure in the Marketplace

Any company’s main objective and goal should be to keep its brand in the forefront of its target audience. Frequent and effective advertising and branding will build this level of awareness, which will, in turn, build familiarity and familiarity will build trust. Should a brand stop its advertising, you may lose “real estate” in your current and prospective customers’ minds.

For brands undergoing major changes, advertising is even more important. This includes a re-branding of the company or establishing the brand’s independence from the parent company. In order to secure your success, a brand will also need to become a thought leader in its industry. This will not only build brand awareness, but it will also generate brand differentiation.

Advertising and branding should combine with social media and public relations to create an integrated marketing and communications strategy which is focused on making a brand the recognised expert in the industry. A thoroughly executed and targeted branding and advertising campaign will also trigger quick sales – there are many established and measurable methods to adding effective calls to action to advertising campaigns.

These are only a few of the ways how modern-day companies can use an effective advertising and branding strategy to help it competitively trade in a 21st century economy. Podd Display can help you with accessing affordable and quality branding and advertising products and merchandise that will continue to deliver exceptional returns.