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Affordable Retail Display Solutions

Innovative and Affordable Retail Display Solutions

In the fast-paced, highly competitive, and exceptionally crowded world of retail, it is absolutely essential to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of potential shoppers. There is no room for those who simply fade into obscurity. If your brand is not front and centre, it stands the risk of being out of sight, out of mind for your consumers. With world-class products which are exclusively available through us, unparalleled service, and in-depth knowledge of the display industry, Gawk is the team of expert visual engineers that you need to help your brand rise above the rest.

What Makes a Successful Retail Display Solution?

Ultimately, any retail display needs to demand attention, wherever it is placed. If it isn’t noticed, it’s worthless. For that reason, it needs to be practical for its environment and provide a visual aspect that is easy to notice.

It also needs to look professional. It represents your brand. If it looks cheap, untidy, or unprofessional, that will also be the impression people develop about your brand… and impressions last.

On top of this, the solution also needs to be cost-effective. This could refer to either affordable prices for visual solutions, or solutions that can be used multiple times for added value return. Cost-effectiveness is a necessity, as there is no point in spending all your profits on marketing visuals, eating into all the money you were going to make from the exposure you got.

Gawk exists to disrupt the status quo through the delivery of innovative retail display products and services that deliver on the needs of our clients and grab the attention and imagination of their customers.

Our Wide Range of Innovative Retail Display Solutions

  • TRIGA® systems: These tension fabric displays are exceptionally versatile, easy to set up, and suitable for any type of exhibition display
  • Portable counters: Perfect for when you need to welcome shoppers, provide information, sign up members or offer product samples; re-use the hardware by simply changing the print to save money
  • Digikiosk™:Engage with your customers using touchscreen tablets; ideal for in-store information sharing and loyalty marketing in stores, as it is robust, flexible, and secure
  • Brochure holders and stands: Provides a neat and professional way of sharing brochures or leaflets on your counter space; use a brochure stand if no counter space is available.
  • Clip frames: Easy-mount clip frames allow you to display posters effortlessly and are easy to update when needed; sleek, stylish and keeps your posters neat and safe
  • Display stands: Lollipop stands, H stands, and pull-up banners are ideal solutions for areas where no wall space is available; they are quick to erect and compact and easy to store
  • Hanging banners: Incredibly practical and the perfect solution for when there is no floor or wall space available

Our Expert Services

  • Stand design and build: If you are looking for a bespoke solution that’s innovative and engaging, our custom services division can deliver award-winning stands on time and on budget
  • Graphic design: Navigating the design process efficiently can be a daunting task for businesses who don’t have ready access to design professionals; we can bridge that gap for you
  • Digital printing: We offer full service, in-house, large-format digital printing on a variety of substrates to meet your requirements in terms of budget, deadlines, and quality

Gawk: The All-In-One Provider of Retail Display Solutions

For a full range of retail display solutions and services that are guaranteed to turn heads and capture attention, contact the leaders in visual innovation: Gawk. We are here to help make your brand look great.