Amazing Point of Sale Display Stands

Making Use of Point-of-Sale Displays to Dramatically Boost Your Sales

 For those of us who are continuously in shops and waiting at the till, point-of-sale display stands can be difficult to resist. Retailers have been using point-of-sale displays for decades in order to make bigger sales, and to increase their bottom line, and today’s point-of-sale display stands are no different. As a retailer, you can really crank up your sales volumes if you get this right. While point-of-sale displays usually include the cheaper products that people would purchase on a whim while standing in line, the sales volumes tend to speak for themselves.

There are a lot of different types of point-of-sale displays – often posters are included, or the merchandise itself is displayed in an attractive way, perhaps with a cheap price tag to entice customers into purchasing these. It is no secret that practically all retailers in South Africa now use point-of-sale displays to huge benefit, and often increase the length of a payment queue and condense it into one long queue with displays on both sides, in order to make the most of their sales. Customers stand in line, they get bored, they focus on the products in the display stands, and they end up purchasing these items. It is an old but clever retail strategy that still works as effectively today as it did two decades ago. The only different is that these point-of-sale display stands have been developed over the last few years, and new technology now allows us to introduce items at the point of sale in new and innovative ways, in order to attract the customer.

Point-of-sale display stands enable you to increase your sales quite dramatically, even before it comes to the checkout point. Your stands and displays will determine how effective your efforts are, and it is how you manage to attract the customer to the product that will make all the difference. Usually, these displays are more focussed on impulse purchases, which means that the financial value has to be relatively low, and they don’t require much thought or consideration. For instance, at a supermarket, you are not going to sell some of your most expensive products at the point of sale, you are going to focus on high discounts and low-priced goods.

One of the main advantages of point-of-sale display stands is that they allow you to introduce new products to the consumer. The products you display here are exposed to the customer, and allow for time for them to interact with the product, which may lead to an impulse buy that later results in brand recognition and brand loyalty! Once the consumer has tried the product, the likelihood of them committing to a repeat purchase is a lot higher.

Point-of-sale display stands have proven their own worth over the years and in some cases, they boost the rate of sales by more than 300% for some brands. If these brands were displayed in their usual display locations throughout the shops, the sales would not be nearly as high. It is therefore essential that store managers make careful decisions about what should go where in the retail outlet.

How Gawk can help you

At Podd Display, we see ourselves as visual engineers. We specialise in making your point-of-sale display stands as attractive as possible, in order to generate the highest rate of sales. We have the expertise and drive to help you promote your products at the till point, and we know how to attract your potential clients and turn them into repeat customers. We know what brand loyalty means, we know how important that first sale is, and we know how to keep bringing your customers back for a repeat purchase.

If you are looking for the most effective point-of-sale stands for your products, give our expert team a call today!