Avoid These Mistakes When Purchasing Teardrop Banners!

Outdoor advertising packs a huge punch when it comes to getting your brand noticed. This is why teardrop banners, flags, and gazebos have become so popular in the marketing and advertising world. Outdoor advertising has an advantage when it comes to passing traffic, as it can be seen by a large part of your target market if executed and designed in the correct manner.

Teardrop banners are particularly practical because they are able to transmit a message in the blink of an eye, and as a result, they are great to use for advertising purposes. Whichever brand, event, or location you are promoting can be promoted by capturing an audience with your well-designed advertising media. You can capture your target market with teardrop banners that are attractive, and pleasing to the eye, and make a memorable impression. It is therefore crucial that the banner is designed in a way that will appeal to the right people in order to make a lasting imprint.

There are, however, some mistakes that people tend to make in the design of their teardrop banners. These mistakes can be costly because they could detract from the intended impact of the banner. Here are some prime examples of the mistakes to avoid during the selection and design process.

  • Investing in the wrong weight and size: While it might be more expensive to invest in sturdy poles and flags, it is essential that the teardrop banners you choose are able to withstand the challenges of the environment. Lightweight banners are cheaper, but they can be blown over and leave you with zero exposure. In addition, the blown-over banners will inevitably create a negative impression of your brand. The pole has to be sturdy enough to deal with the weather and stay in place at all times.
  • Choosing a bad supplier: There are many fly-by-night suppliers that would be only too happy to take your money and provide you with an inferior product. Do your homework and find a reputable outdoor advertising company that supplies flags and other advertising media to high-profile companies. Yes, you may pay a little bit more, but at least you will know that your teardrop banners are of high quality and will perform well under most circumstances.
  • Skimping on poles: There is a huge variety of poles available on the market. Some are cheap and some are expensive. Of course, most people (and companies) try to save money wherever they can, but it is essential to get a pole strong enough to handle the weight and fluctuations of your banners without fail. There is a lot of pressure on these poles when the wind blows, so it has to be able to bear the weight and pressure of high wind situations to keep your units in place. Rather spend more money on a sturdy base and pole. The best choice is usually to use premium-quality epoxy fibreglass.
  • Ordering too small: Often, the displays on websites look bigger than they actually are. Try to visit the supplier and to see the sizes of the units that they are selling. A banner that is too small with not have the same visual impact as a bigger one. Double-check the sizes and specifications before ordering your products!
  • Terrible text: While a teardrop banner may seem like a relatively easy thing to design, it is essential that effective design principles are applied for maximum exposure. The text and fonts should be clear, concise, and easy to read, while the colours should be contrasted to create a memorable visual concept.

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