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Banner Wall a Conference Call Essential

Why You Need a Banner Wall for Conference Calls

Three or four years ago, only the tech-savvy and trailblazers had regular web conference calls. Daily Zoom and related virtual meets were still pipe dreams. However, fibre installations, faster Internet connectivity, more bandwidth, and worldwide lockdown regulations changed the way people work. With millions of people now working remotely, the need for appropriate home office backgrounds has increased. And this is where the banner wall comes in.

Instead of having to keep a separate office space for meetings, you can have several banner walls printed. You do not need a stand for each one. Simply change the printed surface to get the desired background. It certainly is cheaper than having to buy new furniture and artwork every few months. It is also easier to create the desired background than having to keep the space behind your chair clutter-free.

Whether you present online courses, have to meet with clients through virtual platforms, or want to make YouTube videos, professionally designed and printed banners are the solutions to your background problems.


Printed Banner Wall or a Green Screen – What is the Best?

Green screens have been available for a long time. These screens work well if you want to add a virtual background, such as the sea or an office setting. However, you cannot wear any colour close to the particular green tone of the screen. And virtual backgrounds often create the ghost effect where parts of your clothing may become invisible. Now add the frustration of the glitches and bandwidth issues, and it becomes clear that you need something more reliable.

The banner wall can be moved around as required, similar to the green screen. You can have your company logo printed on it, create a brick wall with the logo on top, or create any scenery your heart desires. Pack it up when not in use or if you need to travel and still want to create the impression that you are back at the office when having virtual meetings. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to set up.

Are These Backdrops Only for Virtual Meetings?

No. You can use these for product and model photo shoots. In addition, you can use these for retail photo shoots. Should you wish to exhibit at a trade show or another type of event, simply set up your range of backdrops to create the desired background.

The Benefits of Backdrops

The main benefits of these backdrops include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Compact storage
  • Affordable way to create a professional backdrop
  • Almost unlimited design options
  • Your company logo looks great on the backdrop
  • Tension design minimises the risk of a crinkled fabric appearance
  • Takes up almost no space in the office
  • Can be used at exhibitions, retail stores, home offices, and many more settings
  • Fully customisable designs and prints for the backdrops
  • Durable fabric, which is easy to clean
  • Can have a single or double-sided printed surface

How to Get the Best Value from Your Digital Printed Banner Wall

  • If you opt for a repeat pattern background, choose a stretched fabric system instead of a vinyl backdrop to avoid it having a sheen, making it obvious that it is a backdrop.
  • Choose a style where the fabric is stretched over the frame to avoid the frame poles showing.
  • Choose the correct size for your particular video conference environment.
  • If you want to sit and stand in front of the same background, rather than having to adjust the backdrop every time, get one that is high and wide enough for both seated and standing positions.

Where to Get the Best Designs and Prints?

Have a look at our range of affordable digital printing solutions and banner walls to suit your particular backdrop needs.