Digital Printing

What You Need to Know About Digital Printing

Digital Printing – What You Need to Know

Marketing is everything in business. If you do it right, you can sell an inexpensive item for an extravagant price. That is where digital printing comes in. It is a modern and affordable way of transferring images, PDF files, and other documents directly to paper, fabric, vinyl, and other materials. Big and small companies use this method as it is a fast and efficient way to perform professional prints.

Although online marketing is popular around the globe, vinyl stickers, posters, flyers, banners, and more traditional marketing methods still play a huge role in getting your brand message out there. With large-format printing, it has become possible to handle just about any print size and volume.

Conventional Versus Digital Printing – What is the Difference?

Digital printing costs less and is a quicker way to get prints done. No plates have to be changed for doing different prints. It is the perfect option if you want to get something printed on short notice with a high-quality finish.

Conventional methods, including letterpress or lithography, require metal or stone plates to be manufactured and swapped for different designs, slowing the process, and pushing up the production costs.

Laser or inkjet printers can be used for direct prints. The best part of digital over offset or traditional methods is that you can easily get a once-off picture from the screen to paper without spending a fortune, while bulk orders are not a problem. With older methods, you can do large-scale prints for reasonable prices, but they are not worthwhile for smaller orders.

Can You Do Your Own Digital Printing?

It can be done at your house or office if you have a proper printer. However, if you want a once-off set of vinyl stickers or other printed media, it is more practical to get professionals involved.

The costs of buying your own ink or toner cartridges, equipment, and print surfaces are higher than ordering the prints elsewhere. It also requires less effort to choose the designs and send through your preferences than having to do all the manual work at home.

Moreover, you will need a powerful machine for many of the larger items, such as banner walls, wallpaper, and canvasses. These can cost quite a bit more than the funds you may have allocated towards prints as part of your marketing budget.

Where to Place an Order?

As there are various surfaces that can be used for the transfer of pictures via the digital method, some places may offer you variety while others specialise in only a few select types. For example, you could find a place that prints photos and provides regular paper and some small memorabilia prints, but they do not offer prints onto large surfaces like banners.

The costs can go up tremendously if you have to get your marketing materials from multiple suppliers. You would have to pay more on shipping, receive the products at different times, and make more payments.

To make it convenient for our customers, we offer printing on almost any kind of surface. This includes:






Floor decals


We also offer graphic design services, should you desire help with your branding or logo projects. See our portfolio to determine whether we are the right fit for you.

Need Assistance in Placing an Order Online?

Send us a message or give us a call for all your digital printing needs from our Contact Us page. Feel free to ask questions regarding our processes and what you need to do to place your order. We are here to help.

Do not allow your brand to be seen as mediocre. Get professional large-format prints done and make your mark on the world.