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Banner Wall – Add Flair To Conferencing

Add Flair to Video Conferencing with a Banner Wall

Video conferencing is now one of the most important communication methods for businesses across the world. Creative teams work remotely and often need to have virtual meetings to discuss progress or to collaborate on tasks. But how can you ensure that your office space has the required professional image, especially if you only have a table set up in a section of your living room? The answer lies with a printed banner wall.

Before we dive into the benefits of the banner wall and give you tips on how to look professional even if your home office is a mess, let us consider what the design entails.

Pop Up Banner Wall Design

What makes this type of backdrop perfect is the fact that its frame is hidden behind the printed space. In addition, the lightweight frame collapses for exceptional compact storage. The design makes it possible to collapse the frame and take the backdrop to whatever location needed, enabling you to create the impression that you are still back at the office while travelling. It is the perfect solution for creating a consistently professional image for every meeting no matter where you are at that moment.

With full-colour premium sublimated fabric print, the backdrop creates a lifelike scene. And with the quality possible, a bookshelf or an office setting printed on the fabric looks so real that it would be difficult to spot the difference between real-life and printed scenes.

Also, with the double-sided print possible, you can have two office settings. Simply turn the structure around and you are done. Of course, you can also use the two sides of the frame to create two separate offices for you and a co-worker in the same office. The prints are seamless, which is important for any professional backdrop.

Different print sizes are available to meet your backdrop needs. If you need to create a longer wall, combine the units since the frames are hidden and the fabrics are seamless.

Why a Professional Backdrop Matters for Video Meetings

Moving your office to your home or another setting does not mean you have to compromise on professionalism. With a printed backdrop, you can stay true to your brand image and message. If you have several employees who have to conduct video calls with clients, you will want to ensure they can portray a true image of your brand message. Invest in several of these banner walls for your remote working employees to help them maintain the desired image.

Although they can use virtual backdrops, there is always the risk of technical issues, which would render these useless. Utilising the high-quality, full-colour fabric prints, you create consistent delivery of the brand message even if your employees work at home.

In short, backdrops can be used to make your video conferences stand out as professional because these:

  • Reflect your brand message
  • Create consistency, which builds trust
  • Generate interest

So, Which Kind of Backdrop is the Best for You?

The banner print options range from an abstract design to one in which the brand logo and slogan messages are prominent, while you can also go with a realistic setting to give the impression that you are in an office, medical room, studio, etc. As an alternative, opt for a patterned one like bricks or imagery, such as a landscape scene. The setting can even be that of a visual story in the back.

Final Thoughts

Choose a design that matches your message and the desired perception you wish to create. Have our designers help you with these and benefit from our print expertise, in addition to superior quality and durable banner walls to meet your backdrop requirements.

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