Digital Printing

Digital Printing Has Come a Long Way

Probably from the first time digital printing made forays into traditional print arenas, screen printing and other methodologies felt challenged. Of course, those options had years of practice behind them and, to be clear, they still have application in specific print tasks today, no question about it. The thing is, or was, all digital printing had to do was find its feet amongst the myriad of materials in the legacy arena and improve its durability and quality of print, and those options would become overpriced and laborious.

Guess what? It did just that. It has upped its quality and massively diversified its application, to the point where, today, if someone says “print”, they normally mean digital printing. Having escaped from desktop publishing, digital printing is running ahead of the pack, largely because of its ease, speed, and quality results. That said, how many times have you felt disappointed in the final colours on your banners, or realised that the printers did not position your artwork correctly, as you had imagined, especially on your large format printing surfaces?

Digital Printing Should Be Smart, Captivating, and Cost-Effective

It is fair to say that digital printing has come into its own as the preferred methodology, but it still takes professional precision and a clear process of graphic rendering to get the best results. Do not be dismayed at previous human errors, or rather certainly do not blame it on the methodology! Just as in every other business arena, there are those who do things properly and those who just give the fraternity a bad name.

If you want guaranteed success, first time around, choose Gawk. More than that, we hold all production to a very high, print studio standard. We are about the best results and we are competitive about it, as there is no reason why clients should not experience the state of the art at its best. Gawk also comes with a full suite of in-house services, like sewing, UV laminating, and die cutting. For a top-quality one-stop solution, we make sure we are hard to beat! We print in the colours you expect, and finish with the quality you are paying for, using a highly accurate colour-matching process, with strict quality control at all stages of the print run.

Come to Gawk When Quality Counts

Large format printing certainly is cost-effective, but the pain and hassle involved in botched prints makes them an often-dreaded exercise for any company to undertake. At Gawk, we know this and we have addressed this with smart protocols and high demands of our workshop. Did we mention how competitive we are? All this is good news for our clients, as they are assured of the best quality print, in the right colours, in the right place, and in the format they desire.

We have taken printing to its highest level for our customers, because we understand what the methodology is capable of and how to get the level best results. We like excellence in print, and we are sure you do too. Mail us, call us, or visit us online, and make sure you are going to get everything you expect from your next print run, with a smile!