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Snap Frames

Snap Frames Persist, for Good Reason

It used to be that exhibitors and others who needed a mounted image or intel had only two choices – stick it on a board or frame it. It was either block-mounted posters or framed posters, and neither really worked! Of course, they worked for their intended purpose, but the quick and easy block-mounting option meant that you ended up with a weighty object as part of your marketing material, and the poster or original print work was lost to the board, glued on, and it would thus remain a block-mounted material forever. Often, people would either abandon mounting their material between block-mounting or framing and make other far less successful attempts to display what needed displaying.

Alternatively, you could go down to your local framing shop, and spend a lot of time and money on framing posters and other items that may or may not have justified the expense. Moreover, you now had a glass-faced, framed item that became another weighty liability in transport and handling. Small wonder then that since the advent of snap or click frames, they have only become more ubiquitous and effective. In fact, escape from that two-option paradigm has been a great relief for many tasked with rendering their brand’s marketing material as smart yet manageable goods. One of the great benefits of snap frames is that they ease the load on transport and rigging crews. They are lightweight and a cinch to set up.

Snap Frames Make Light Work

With the advent of aluminium snap frames, life became a whole lot easier. Rolling on from their original welcome reception, today’s snap frames can even be a single frame clipping system, reducing the costs of previous double clip options. Positioning or swapping out marketing material is now an absolute breeze, and the final finish on snap frames is smart and professional. Smart design also allows snap frames to be free-hanging or wall mounted.

Either way, there is no need to remove snap frames to change their contents. Simply swing it open like your kitchen cupboard back home, and do your thing! Snap frames are ideal for voluminous advertising campaigns. They perform exceptionally well as general signage, and really come into their own when the message needs to be updated regularly. When it comes to ease of use and great results, few things are as smart as snap frames. Indeed, between the ubiquitous pull up banner and the stylish snap frame, mobile marketing has been given a huge shot in the arm.

Get the Best Products from Gawk

At Gawk, we are pedantic about quality, which means we only supply stylish products that meet our standards and will serve your purposes well. Our standard sizes run as A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0, with a 23 mm width on the frame itself, and all snap frames are supplied with corex backing and anti-reflection covering sheet. When you deal with industry professionals like us, you can rest assured that we have thought ahead on your behalf – our products will give you years of use and will not let you down when smart display matters. Indeed, snap frames are so easy and smart that they have become the norm at any expo or trade show around, as well as now populating offices and other workspaces around the globe.

At Gawk, we only supply smart products, and that means savvy in design and good-looking to boot. We have imagined your experience to enable us to iron out any wrinkles, and more than that, we have had your experience too. The products we supply are the best options around.

We do custom frame colours too, so talk to us first when it is time to look smart! Call us, mail us, or just get over here, because no one does smart display like we do!