Display Stands and Portable Display

Turn Heads and Stop Traffic with Portable Display Stands 

Did you know that 6 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three years? When it comes to the competitive world of retail, the significance of brand awareness is so powerful that it can make or break any new business. The reality is that, today, retailers need a lot more than just an amazing product or service to outshine their competitors and attract new customers. Yes, in today’s fierce world of retail, not only do entrepreneurs need to pull out all the stops to turn heads and stop traffic, but they also need to keep their customers coming back.

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that catching a potential customer’s eye is more than vital for bringing in sales. But in a market flooded with choice – how do you get consumers to notice your brand? Whether you have a shop in a high-end mall, the corner of a busy street, or you’re a regular at the tradeshow and exhibition circuit, one successful way to turn heads and stop traffic is with portable display stands. When it comes to fickle customers, you only have one chance to sell yourself and visually-appealing, informative and well-designed portable display stands are not only the perfect way to grab attention and draw in customers, but they also bring a whole host of other advantages.

  • Light Weight, Durable and Long Lasting – robust, durable, long lasting and extremely lightweight, most portable display stands are tough enough to handle pretty much anything and can therefore adapt to a variety of environments or situations. Owing to its light weight, these displays can be compactly packed and easily stored and transported. In addition to the above, they are super easy to set up and dismantle, and they do not require much space, which means transport and storage is never a problem.
  • A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool – today, many businesses live on tight budgets and don’t have the money to throw at print and media advertising anymore, which is fine because they actually don’t need it. One of the greatest advantages of portable display stands is their marketing ability. Acting like billboards, portable display stands are just as valuable as billboards, and when paired with their price, you’ve got yourself a super cost-effective marketing tool. Portable display stands are by far a more powerful marketing tool and can act like a FREE advert for your business, which cannot be compared to any other form of marketing.

At Podd Display, we believe that when it comes to your business, your brand is everything and if you’re looking for the perfect portable display stand for your retail space or exhibition, we are the right people to talk to.