Durable Clip Frames and Snap Frames

Three Tips for Framing and Protecting Your Posters with Clip Frames

Whether you enlarged a professionally designed poster, or you are running a promotion at your retail outlet and have a bunch of promotional posters you need to present in a fashionable way on the shop floor, clip and snap frames are a great solution to keeping them safe. These frames are designed to easily clip and snap in place and provide a beautiful frame for posters of all sizes. Let’s take a closer look at some helpful tips that make protecting and framing your posters easier than ever with clip frames:

#1 Your Posters Should Steal the Show

You’ve spent so much money on the design and printing of your posters, so the last thing you want is for the frame to detract from it. After all, the frame should complement your poster. Clip frames are always a great option, as they are easy to clip in place and make any poster shine without conspicuously competing for consumers’ attention.

#2 Make Your Posters Pop

Choose clip frames with a natural anodised finish. This type of finish plays off beautifully against any colour you choose to enhance the frame’s appearance, and accentuates the colours of your poster, making them really stand out.

#3 Protect Your Investment

Invest in great quality clip frames that are sure to go the extra mile. A high-quality clip frame is the best way to protect your posters, as it repels dirt and rarely needs to be cleaned. If you plan on swopping out posters regularly, use a snap frame that does not bend, break or corrode.

Durable and Affordable Clip Frames with Natural Anodised Finish

In search of the perfect display unit to support your marketing, exhibition and display campaigns? Our compact clip frames are designed to optimally show off posters in any setting. They provide maximum visibility of the display materials, while protecting the posters from the elements and the perils of being exhibited in public.

Our clip frames can be mounted outside your retail store, at events, in your office, or inside shopping malls. With single and double clip frame systems available, you can easily remove and replace posters in no time at all. If you’re looking for a solution to help keep your marketing material neat and professional looking at all times, you’ve found it. Speak to us today to learn more about our clip and snap frames, and to explore all our other framing and printing solutions.