Everything You Need for Your Exhibition Stands

Everything You Need for Your Exhibition Stands

Expos and fairs provide excellent opportunities for brand promotion and customer engagement. However, to truly reap the benefits of these events, your brand needs to be prepared, professional, and eye-catching. As leading brand innovators and visual marketing experts, Gawk is perfectly positioned to help you achieve just that. With a full range of solutions, we can help you create all aspects of your exhibition stands to ensure you achieve your marketing goals. Some of our popular products include:


This unique, patented tensioner system allows for the super-quick assembly of banner walls, towers, counters, and textile display stands. Digital screen printing ensures that your brand looks picture perfect at all times.


This tensioned-fabric display system is fully customisable and can be erected in no time without the need for any tools. The TRIGA® Max system is designed to allow for custom add-ons, allowing you to be creative and build imaginative displays that are unique to your brand.


The world has gone digital. Don’t let your exhibition stands get left behind – the Digikiosk™ hardware provides convenient and sleek stands for a wide range of tablets to help you engage with your audience.

Portable Counters

Need a promotions counter at your stand? Of course you do. We provide a range of easy build, flatpack branded counters for easy transport, quick assembly, and professional functionality.

Queue Barriers

Whether you are expecting a large crowd or would like to guide your audience through a specific experience at your stand, our retractable barriers are easy to set up and to change as needed, when needed.

Brochure Stands

It is great to make an impression on your audience, but you also want to stay with them after they have left your stand. These portable brochure stands provide the perfect literature dispensing unit that is easy to transport and assemble.

Brochure Holders

If you are pressed for space, consider our premium brochure holders – perfect for desk- or countertops, or wall mounting.


Branding is at the heart of effective exhibition stands. As specialists in visual brand communication solutions, we offer you a range of banner products, suitable for just about every situation.

Display Stands

Display stands offer another effective brand communication solution. Conveniently placed at eye level, and exceptionally portable and easy to set up anywhere, this is a great solution to grab people’s attention at busy expos.

Outdoor Display

Are you taking part in an outdoor expo? No problem! We also provide a host of outdoor solutions, including branded gazebos, a variety of flying banners, feather banners, and even large star tents to help your brand make the necessary impact.

Digital Printing

Not only do we provide the hardware for all of the above elements, but we also deliver digital printing services, which means you can make use of one supplier. This makes the process simpler and ensure better quality control for your brand.

To find out more about how Gawk can help you to stand out, contact us today.