Display Stands Are Even More Versatile Than You Think

Display Stands Are Even More Versatile Than You Think

In the world of marketing, it is all about being seen. You may have the best possible product or service in the industry, but if your target market is not aware of your existence or where to find you, it really does not matter. Display stands offer an affordable and effective solution to increase the visibility of your brand. These visual marketing solutions hold many advantages, making them highly suitable for a wide range of businesses and situations.

Benefits of Display Stands

They Are Portable – They take up very little space and are easy to disassemble and transport to wherever you need them.

 They Create Additional Marketing Real Estate – One of the great features they provide is the fact that they allow you to create advertising space where there was none before. You do not need any existing infrastructure, booked space, installations, or even a wall for mounting.

They Help Customers to Identify Your Product – Display stands are designed to be at eye level. By mimicking the colour and design of your product, you can use this as a device to capture your audience’s attention and help them recognise your product on the shelf.

They Have Many Uses – Use them to display menus, store maps, and specials, to convey messages to a captive audience in a queueing system; at exhibitions; outdoors… the list is endless. Because they are so portable and easy to set up, they can be used for any and every situation.

They Provide A Low-Cost Advertising Solution – They are very affordable and require no special tools or skills for assembly, no special installation conditions, and very little maintenance throughout their lifespan.

They Are Easy and Cost-Effective to Update – You can replace the artwork without having to replace the entire stand. Depending on the design you choose, you can even replace the poster or artwork yourself in a couple of seconds.

Get Your Display Stands from Gawk

Gawk is a leading supplier of visual marketing solutions. Our innovative branding options include both Lollipop and H Display Stands. Both options can flat pack for easy storage and transport, and are available in all standard sizes, as well as custom sizes upon request. Furthermore, the base can be colour customised to match your brand and draw even more attention.

To find out more on how display stands can benefit your business, and to explore our other marketing solutions, contact us. Our team is ready to help you boost your marketing efforts.