Exhibition Displays – Display Stands and Graphic Walls

Modern Stands and Graphic Walls lend Impact to Exhibition Displays

Exhibition displays are marketing tools that are consistently effective in efforts to maintain or expand market share within an arena that is now global and that is becoming increasingly competitive. Despite the undeniable power of the internet as a marketing medium with its elaborate video presentations, 3D-graphics and informative downloads, the demand for live events at which companies can showcase their goods and services, remains as high as ever.  Rather than depending upon websites and impressive audiovisual material, on the live scene, the impact is provided by structures such as sophisticated stands and graphic walls.

It is, of course, true that much of the appeal of these events lies in the first-party experiences offered by test drives and live demos.  However, there is no denying the role played by well-designed exhibition displays in their various forms when setting out to capture the attention of that much needed live audience.

The cost to a company of attending trade shows, conventions and similar events can be quite substantial, and even more so if it involves renting a temporary shell scheme from the organisers. In addition, the time taken to erect and dismantle these schemes is considerable, and it is also likely that the only graphic component included in the cost will be the company name in monochrome text. Consequently, all other corporate identity must still be supplied and fitted by the exhibitor.

Portable stands and graphic walls, by contrast, provide their owners with the means to avoid the cost of renting a shell scheme. They also represent an excellent return on investment, by providing effective exhibition displays that can be reused and easily updated with alternative visual content that is appropriate to a given occasion, for years to come. As well as being light in weight, the design of certain of these products see them become exceptionally compact when dissembled and with such products it is common practice to supply a handy carrying case as a standard accessory.

Depending upon their overall size, this means that many will fit conveniently into the boot of an average car. In practice, even the largest of these stands and graphic walls should require no more than a small van when it is necessary to transport it between the office and any venue at which they are intended to serve as exhibition displays.

One of the most striking features of the many display options available today is the quality of their imagery. Whether it is text, a detailed flow diagram, or an exploded view of a virus particle, the clarity and detail now possible, using modern digital photography together with high definition digital printing is truly awesome. In addition, the new surface materials, unlike old-fashioned fabric and canvas, allow detail to be reproduced to perfection. The result is seen in stands and graphic walls that show a level of realism that could prove to be a serious game changer in the quest to direct the interest of potential clients to your company’s brand and its products or services.

Sign written panels are a possibility for companies with the skill and resources, but they still cannot compete with commercially produced exhibition displays for their convenience and versatility, whether in storage, in transit or in action. For instance, certain of the pull-up units may be adjusted to present a contoured surface, curved in order to act as a shell that could, for instance, enclose a counter or armchairs and a coffee table for consultations.

Given sufficient detail with regard to the company culture, its products and its goals, a good supplier will be able to develop all of the compelling creative content with which to adorn your stands and graphic walls. If it is of adequate quality and suitably formatted, then you will also have the option to incorporate your existing artwork into your exhibition displays.