Get Your Brand Ready in 2016

Tips to Get Your Brand Ready in 2016 at an Affordable Price

The worldwide economic slowdown over the past couple of years has had a significant impact on the advertising spending of companies. Instead of investing more in branding to get customers to support their brands, companies have reduced their spending on advertising and promotion.

However, the worst is over and it is now time to get back into the game. Below are a few tips to get your brand ready in 2016, without breaking the bank in the process.

Don’t Just Focus on Online Branding

Even though people search for products online, they still buy in-store. However, studies have shown that consumers are willing to pay more for products from brands they know. This means that without proper branding, your company name won’t stick in their minds. They will choose competitors or even inferior products simply because they know the names. This is why it is important to become visible in the tangible environment as well.

You need your brand message to be displayed on as many surfaces as possible. True, a billboard ad is expensive and you can have two or three ads in magazines for the same price. But consider alternatives, such as banner ads, pull-up and tension banners, umbrellas, branded kiosks, exhibition stands and graphic walls, branded counters, brochure stands, and retractable stretch banners. All these items can be printed on and with the pull-up banners, you have the benefit of interchangeable print surfaces. You need to get your brand noticed in-store and this means investing in pull-up or wall banners to be placed at your product displays at retailers.

If you only rely on the exhibition of the products in the store, you compete against thousands of similar products. What makes your products stand out? Highly visible advertising material and digital kiosks where customers can get more information about the products is your answer.

Don’t Limit Your Imagination

When you look online for branding materials, don’t stop with printing on mugs and promotional items. Wherever you sponsor an event or exhibition is an opportunity to strengthen the brand. This means that your booth must clearly distinguish your company from other exhibitors. You want visitors to come in because the booth is so visible. Once the visitors are in the booth, they must want to walk around and explore. This is where the graphic walls come into play to create the perfect backdrops. Add the digital kiosks for interaction, banner stands to focus attention on particular products, brochures to hand out and a branded counter to create the final impression.

Work within a Budget

Any business operating without a budget is doomed. The budget provides the financial plan for the year. Set your budget for advertising and branding realistically, because without proper marketing, you cannot expect to expand your market share significantly. Select a supplier of print and brand products and services who offers their services nationally at an affordable price, and can help you select the most effective vehicles for any type of promotions. We are able to meet your every branding need with a full range of products and services.

Invest in Design

Don’t compromise on the design of messages and print quality. If you skimp on this, you will portray a message of a sub-standard brand. This translates into distrust of the brand and you will not be able to ask reasonable prices for your services. Make use of our designers and print experts to create stunning visual messages.

Finally, don’t procrastinate! The year 2016 is the time to position your brand in the market. Choose affordable means to market and brand, ensuring that your message reaches the target audiences. Get your brand ready in 2016 – start now.