Get Your Exhibition Display Walls Noticed

5 Top Tips on Getting Your Exhibition Display Walls Noticed by the People Who Count

It can be quite tricky to design exhibition display walls at a trade show or exhibition. The main objective is not necessarily to be noticed, but it is to be noticed by the right people. This is why the design of exhibition display walls is so important when it comes to marketing and the product offering.

It is vital to design an exhibition display wall that does not only increase the visibility of your business, but also creates a long-lasting impression on any potential consumers. While this sounds quite simple, it can be very complex, and often, it is vital to get help from professionals in the business in order to get the design of your exhibition display walls completely right to attract the right people.

There are often space restrictions that influence the size and display power of the display wall, and a lot of different factors have to be kept in mind when designing exhibition display walls for maximum impact. Your main objective would be to get noticed by the right people, and this is not always easy, especially in a busy environment, such as a trade show where there are literally hundreds of competitors showcasing products or services similar to yours, and where space is limited. Your exhibition display walls have to offer somethings that the others do not, and this is why good design is so important. You have to provide that “wow-factor” that attracts people to your stand over others.

You cannot simply trust in your brand or your product offering to gain traction at an exhibition or trade show. You may well offer a much better product or service than most of your competition, but your exhibition display walls should be responsible for ensuring that the correct audience is targeted and attracted to your stand. Your visual appeal must be maximised, and steer your customers and potential consumers in your direction instead of anywhere else.

Here are some top tips for getting your exhibition display walls to attract your customers:

  1. Focus on Look And Feel: Your exhibition display walls represent your product or service offering. They have to be inviting and highly visual. Remember that your main goal is to get noticed, and to introduce as many people as possible to your business. Choose well when it comes to signage, colours, and layout that will attract the right people.
  1. Small Can Also Be Great: You do not need to spend a fortune on securing a big space for your stand. If your exhibition display walls are well-designed, you can get away with a small and compact stand.
  1. Ensure You Know How to Set Up: Practice beforehand, and set up your entire display somewhere else before the trade show or exhibition to ensure that your layout and construction will work properly. Make a checklist of everything you will need for the show, and ensure that all of these are packed and ready to go on the day. Once you get some practice at setting up your exhibition display walls and other marketing materials, you will soon get a feel for what must stay, and what can be left out.
  1. Use Professional Stand Builders: It is vital that your stand looks professional, and this is best achieved by using people in the know. A professional exhibition stand builder can create a great look for you, as long as they are properly briefed on what is needed, and what your objectives are for the display.
  1. Be Innovative: There are so many new display items on the market nowadays that you can use illumination, tablets, kiosks, images projected onto exhibition display walls, and other modern ways of making your stand noticeable and interesting.

If you want to have a professional stand built that is easy to set up and dismantle, or exhibition display walls that will attract the right kind of attention, give our team at Podd Display a call today.