5 Reasons to Invest in Digital Information Kiosks

5 Reasons to Invest in Digital Information Kiosks – Digi Kiosks to Increase Your Display Power

There are so many different new display innovations available on the market today that nobody has an excuse for a bad stand any more. One of the latest trends is the use of digital information kiosks, or digi kiosks, as they are also called.

Digital information kiosks use modern technology, such as tablets or touch screens to provide the potential consumer with the ability to interact with the product or service that you are selling, and also to learn more about the product offering. They can often place orders online while at your digi kiosk, and complete questionnaires. They are even able to ask questions, get price lists, and provide feedback on their understanding of the product.

These digital information kiosks are becoming very popular in the exhibition and trade show industries, but they are also used in shopping malls, hospitals, and other places where people want to find out more about a particular place, shop, or product. They are even used at airports for self-check-in services, and this makes flying off to your destination a lot easier.

When it comes to the exhibition or trade show industry, they are particularly useful. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in digital information kiosks:

  1. Frees Up Sales Staff: It can be very frustrating for a sales employee at a trade show to answer the same questions over and over again, and often while a sales person is talking to one potential customer, the others lose interest and leave the stand without having engaged with the product offering. At a digi kiosk, the potential customer can be directed towards an interactive screen from where they can learn more about the product without the help of the sales person. This frees up the sales consultant to make contact with more consumers.
  1. Less Pressure: Often, when people enter a stand, and they are approached by a salesperson, they automatically start to feel under pressure to purchase or invest. Studies have shown that digital information kiosks make people feel less pressurised, and they are likely to spend more time examining and interacting with the product via the screen.
  1. Cutting Cost: Because your interactive digital information kiosks are able to interact with potential customers, you will not need a great complement of sales staff around. This means that your outlay for labour is less, and that your overheads do not cost as much. While you may spend money once off when having the digi kiosks designed and set up, it is a once-off cost, and this will save you a lot of money in the medium to long run.
  1. Quick Customer Service: Because your digital information kiosks are able to provide information on a wide variety of things, such as directions, while offering a means to order a particular item, and to learn more about your product offering, your customer service is better. This means that once the customer service person is busy with one person, others do not have to stand around and wait for the conversation to finish before getting a turn. In today’s modern instant-gratification culture, immediate assistance is worth a lot more than one may think.
  1. Analysis Tools: Your digital information kiosks can be fitted with software that records and analyses the behaviour of customers that visit your digi kiosks. You can, for instance, get information on the product offerings that people were most interested in, and customers can answer questions to provide info on improvements. Being able to analyse customer behaviour is worth its weight in gold, because it allows you to adjust your product offerings, advertising, and even the products or services themselves in order to be more appealing, and as a result, vastly increase profits.

Digital information kiosks, or digi kiosks, are well worth the investment. Give our team at Podd Display a call today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of digi kiosks.