Hand Sanitiser Stands an Hygiene Solutions

Where to Find Hand Sanitiser Stands and Other Hygiene Solutions for Public Spaces

While communities and nations across the world are reeling from the effects of the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the globe in 2020, the reaction of South Africans and our government have been a source of hope and inspiration. We’re a nation that is known for our resilience and our ability to come together in a time of crisis, and this occasion is no different. Gawk is proud to be a part of this community and its effort to create solutions for our current circumstances. We have developed thousands of hand sanitiser stands to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gawk might, at first glance, seem like an unexpected partner in the line-up to combat the spread of a virus. After all, we are branding innovators that are experts at drawing attention and supporting engagement in public spaces. While South Africa is enforcing a lockdown which restricts movement and social isolation that prohibits the assembly of crowds, some functions still carry on and public communication and support are more vital than ever. As are stands for the provision and dispensing of hand sanitiser.

As we are all aware, when you absolutely have to appear in public, hand sanitiser is one of your most effective weapons to protect yourself against the virus and to limit the chances of spreading it. This is why stands are so important to make sure that sanitising products are available at the entrances and exits of public spaces. The team at Gawk was already experts at the production of exhibition stands, so the switch to accommodate hand sanitiser was quick and easy.

“We’ve got into a rhythm, and they are coming thick and fast. We have been asked to work through lockdown (with proper permission of course) to get these hand sanitiser stands out as fast as possible; lined up like soldiers, ready to combat this scourge. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of my team,” said Sandro Corrado, the co-founder and director of Gawk. Hand sanitiser stands aren’t the only way we are supporting the battle against the spread of the novel coronavirus. We have taken the same approach with a number of our innovative products to come up with smart ways to help those on the front line, as well as the general public to protect themselves.

This includes the manufacture and supply of privacy screens, hospital-bed dividers, and mobile-clinic stands and booths that are quick and easy to transport and set up. We also have a range of work and desk dividers to protect essential workers, and desktop, counter, and standing acrylic screens for the safety of both workers and the public. What’s more, we also distribute medical safety equipment such as disposable face masks, KN95 protective masks, nitrile gloves, safety goggles, infrared thermometers, medical clothing, and rinse-free hand sanitiser.

If you need any such temporary infrastructure or medical supply products, including our hand sanitiser stands developed specifically for our current situation, contact the team at Gawk or visit our hygienecare page for more information.