Stanchions and Other Display Solutions

How Stanchions and Other Display Solutions Can Help Curb the Pandemic

The year 2020 has delivered a challenge that is unlike anything our generation of people has ever faced. As COVID-19 spreads across the globe and disrupts our normal way of living, we are all forced to be resourceful and think outside the box. By pulling our resources together and applying our varied skills, we can make a positive difference. This is exactly what we did at Gawk. We figured out how our display solutions, exhibitions stands, stanchions, and other visual-marketing products could be employed in the effort to combat the spread of the pandemic.

It might seem unusual that exhibition stands and access-management equipment like stanchions could play any type of role in curbing the spread of a virus, especially during a time of lockdown and social distancing. However, if you consider that we are in the business of visual communication and crowd management, the connection becomes clear. Stanchions are the perfect way to cordon off certain areas where one would like to restrict access to members of the public. It can be used to manage the number of people that can access a certain area, building, or store and can even be used to help enforce social distancing by marking the areas where people need to queue, as well as the distance they should keep from each other.

What makes stanchions such a great solution is the fact that they can quickly and easily be installed in just about any environment. Furthermore, they can be adjusted and moved around as and when the situation requires, making this a very responsive tool in managing crowds and area access. Clip frames can be added for informative purposes, including topics related to hygiene and behaviour. Stanchions are usually used as retractable queue barriers. We also offer alternative queueing systems, such as our tool-less queueing system that includes space for barriers that can be branded with information while enforcing social distancing. Then there is the TRIGA Go® textile queueing system that offers maximum exposure for displaying information. As support, we also supply distancing markers in the form of brandable floor decals.

The great news is that it isn’t only our stanchions and related queueing systems that are exceptionally handy during the fight against the spread of the pandemic. With a tweak here and there, we managed to also gear up a number of our other products to be used to support the efforts of the nation, as well as source and supply a number of essential items necessary for those on the front line:

Medical safety items:

  • Disposable face masks.
  • KN95 protective masks – preferred for medical professionals on the front line.
  • Nitrile gloves – similar to medical latex gloves, without the concern of allergic reactions.
  • Safety goggles.
  • Infrared thermometers.
  • Disposable medical overalls.
  • Rinse-free hand sanitiser.

Hygiene and protection in the workplace:

  • Modular acrylic safety screens for counters and reception environments.
  • Desktop safety screens with under-shield slot access.
  • Standing safety screens – ideal for security personnel.
  • Single safety screen with document opening, ideal for reception scenarios.
  • Freestanding sanitiser stations.
  • Acrylic intubation boxes.
  • Privacy screens.
  • Hospital-bed dividers.
  • Mobile clinic booths, ideal for setting up screening and testing stations.
  • Workspace dividers to support social distancing.

Information display solutions:

  • A1 information posters on COVID-19’s symptoms and actions, how to correctly use hand sanitiser, and the right way to wash your hands – with or without clip frame
  • Lollipop stands.
  • Information totems.

The co-founder and director of Gawk, Sandro Corrado, announced the launch of the website www.hygienecare.co.za, where you can find out more about the products related above – from stanchions to hand sanitiser. Alternatively, get in touch with us at Gawk for more information and advice.