How a Fabric Tensioning Display System Can Help to Promote Your Brand

Fabric tensioning display systems are discussed quite frequently lately. Not many people, however, know exactly what they are. In short, a fabric tensioning display system is essentially a fabric sheet in a frame with an image printed on it. It is capable of reconfiguration at a whim and can be altered to suit many different environments. They are available in different formats and depths, and the sheet can be used to show off a variety of different images to promote a brand, product, or service in a range of environments.

A fabric tensioning display system can be set up outdoors or indoors, depending on the event and promotional needs. It can be altered to take up a set variety of floor space and can even be used as ceiling hangers or outdoor banners. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a fabric tensioning display system for your next promotional event:

  • Lightweight and quick to set up: One of the big pros of using this kind of exhibition system is that it is so light and easy to set up or change. There are no requirements for specialist equipment or professional installation experts! It can be assembled very simply in a few easy steps. Transport is also easy because it can fold up.
  • Instant change of image: This type of visual solution enables a swift change of the image with a printed design on it. This means that the message in the frame can be changed as often as needed, without any effort. Because the images are printed on fine fabric, it is easy and light to carry, and can even be folded and stored when out of use.
  • Lighting for impact: It is indeed possible to position LED lighting behind the printed image to illuminate it. This means that it can be used at night for extra impact. Using backlighting can increase the visibility of your image tenfold, as people will have no choice but to be drawn to the messages displayed.
  • Range of application: One of the best things about fabric tensioning display systems is their amazing practicality. They can be utilised in a wide range of environments and applications to great effect. They create amazing visual effects when hung from a ceiling or even flowing images moving in the wind.

It goes without saying that these visually capturing solutions are the new and wonderful kids on the block when it comes to product promotions with flair. Contact our team at Gawk for more information!