9 Great Benefits of Digital Printing

There are numerous methods of printing on objects and they are not all equally useful, versatile, or able to deliver the same level of quality. With the advancement of technology, digital printing has emerged as one of the most popular methods and with good reason.

What Is Digital Printing?

This modern method of production creates prints from electronic files. This means that the image first needs to be created on a computer as a PSD, PDF, TIFF, or similar file format. This image can then be printed directly onto a wide range of materials by sending the file directly to the printer.

The advantages of digital printing:

  1. You enjoy a much shorter turnaround time, as there are fewer steps in the setup and actual printing process. For most businesses, time is of the essence, and saving time means saving money.
  2. High quality. With the advancement of technology, digital printing often delivers far superior results over other methods. While offset press used to be king, nowadays you would often find it difficult to tell the difference.
  3. Cost-effective. Unlike digital, offset printing requires the production of plates, which makes this a very expensive exercise. Without the need for plates, you can get the same quality at a fraction of the price.
  4. Smaller print runs. This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Because of the costs of creating plates for an offset print run, people usually had to produce large quantities in order to make it economically viable. Digital printing is the perfect affordable solution for small runs of high-quality prints.
  5. Each print looks exactly the same, ensuring that you can create consistent print runs representative of your company’s standards.
  6. Whatever colour you can think of, you can have. In addition, the colour will be consistent across the print run. This is especially vital for branding purposes.
  7. Digital Printing can be done on a very wide range of materials. Get creative – paper is no longer the limit – and stand out from the crowd.
  8. By using your available database information, you can customise your digital printing easily and quickly through variable data-printing options. Personalise your material and impress your customers.
  9. Eco-friendly. While still using ink and certain chemicals, much less of them are used because film plates and photo chemicals have been eliminated from the process.

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