Invest In Modern Queue Barriers

Invest In Modern Queue Barriers by Gawk to Direct Your Event’s Traffic

We have all seen or encountered the ubiquitous rope barrier in front of clubs, VIP sections, airports, and banks. The main purpose of these queue barriers is not to keep people out, as they are quite easy to cross. Instead, they serve to direct traffic, to designate certain areas for certain people, and generally to create a more orderly atmosphere for people at a particular event or location. Queue barriers have been used for a long time – in some cases, they consist of guards forming a row and holding a rope in between them to create a blockade that should not be crossed, while in other cases, these barriers were (and are) more robust to prevent unauthorised entry to prohibited areas.

Queue barriers are normally used in situations where people have to wait in line for a specific outcome – whether it is entry to a particular place or even in banks to order the queue so that everybody gets their turn. They are also used at exclusive events where invitations need to be scrutinised before entry is granted.

There are many queue barriers available on the market today. These range from the pull-out nylon units to the ultra-luxurious velvet ropes tied to highly polished chrome poles. The type of event normally dictates which kind of queue barrier is used. If you are merely trying to direct traffic at an airport, for instance, ornateness and glamour are not required. The queue barriers are merely there to indicate to people in which direction they should be moving in order to get to the correct gate or security check.

Queue barriers can vary in length and strength. The nylon units that pull out of the base pole can reach up to ten metres and they can be linked together to form a long and continuous barrier. The actual strip can be hooked into a variety of stable bases or poles, and direct traffic in different directions. They are more functional than glamorous.

For more glamorous events, however, thick, woven, red or green ropes are a must. Not only do they serve to provide guidance to traffic, but also to convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. The velvet ropes are usually a lot more glam-filled than the usual nylon units encountered in banks or airports. This is because they exemplify exclusivity. These ropes are also available in different lengths and textures, and they hook onto the relevant poles or bases with a little silver clip that allows them to be opened and closed as desired.

If you are looking for a wide selection of queue barriers, our team at Gawk can help you to find what you are looking for. We specialise in a range of barriers that can cater to your needs, regardless of the event you are hosting. Give us a call today to find out more. We look forward to being of assistance.