Looking For Effective Framing Services in Gauteng?

Looking For Effective Framing Services in Gauteng? Clip Frames Are Great!

Any marketing plan worth its salt should include strategies on how to make the product more visible. Visibility plays a great role in advertising. It introduces the potential customer to the brand, creates curiosity, and encourages the consumer to try the brand, service, or product advertised. Traditional media, such as television and print are all geared towards making content highly visual to stimulate interest, and to attract the right type of consumer. In retail spaces, exhibitions, and trade shows, it is just as important to create a visual impact that is memorable.

If you are based in or around Pretoria and Johannesburg, and you need framing services in Gauteng, clip frames could be just what you are looking for. Traditional wooden frames can be cumbersome and expensive, but the new brand of clip frames on the market is made of light materials, such as aluminium, so they are easy to move and transport. They are also very hardy, and do not rust or get damaged easily. Changing the poster or display inside the frame is also easy. All that is needed is to unclip the frame, remove the old poster or image, and clip a new one inside. It really is that easy.

What Are Clip Frames?

The new generation of clip frames are lightweight poster holders that sandwich an image, photo, or some type of graphic sheet made of paper or other materials between a backing and a transparent front sheet. The front sheet can be glass, but the newer members of the clip frame families include mostly PVC or Perspex windows. The backing and transparent front sheet are held together by clips, which makes it easy to insert a poster or image in the frame.

Clip frames are some of the most effective and widely used framing services used in Gauteng and many other places. They are extremely popular, because they are so versatile and durable.

Clip frames are designed and manufactured in a range of sizes and shapes, and can even be made up according to specific client requirements, depending on the size of the display needed.

Benefits of Clip Frames

One of the major, and probably most important, benefits of clip frames is that it is easy to change the image inside. The frame merely has to be unclipped from its backing, the old poster removed, and a new one inserted. They also allow for the display to remain attractive and undamaged, even if used outdoors. While there are many different types of framing services to display your product in Gauteng, clip frames are still some of the most versatile and easy-to-use display solutions. It also provides a sleek, contemporary look that creates a good impression of the brand or product on display.

Whether you need it for commercial use, or just need framing services in Gauteng for your living room or office, clip frames are the way to go. At Podd Display, we have a wide range of clip frames available that will create the most attractive and durable displays. Give our team a call today to find out more!