Maximise Exposure with Brochure Stands

Maximise Your Brand’s Exposure with Brochure Stands for Exhibition

Brochures are a critical tool for getting information out to customers about your organisation’s brand and services. A brochure might be the only reason a prospective client remembers your organisation because it ended up in their car or on their desk. Little wonder, then, that brochure stands have become standard practice at exhibitions and promotional endeavours. Gawk specialises in marketing products and services and we offer, among many other goods and services, easy and cost-effective brochure stands and holders.

Brochure Stands

Gawk stocks the ever-popular fold out brochure stand, with six clear acrylic panels that can house your brochures, of up to A4 size, without hiding the back print. The stands are super easy to set up, taking mere moments to prepare and pack away to a folded position. They also come in a lightweight aluminium case that is perfect for transport. The highly portable and lightweight nature of the brochure stands makes them highly suited to travelling representatives, but they serve just as well as a long-term stand in waiting rooms or show rooms.


For desk and countertop brochure display, our range of steel and acrylic holders has all your needs covered. Branding is available on both holders, with optional powder-coated colours available on the steel range. The steel range of holders come in A4, A5 and trifold sizes, with the acrylic holders accommodating the same with the addition of a business card size. The steel holders can also be stored flat since they are manufactured in two parts. The acrylic holders see this feature and raise with two of their own: they can be mounted on walls with an optional wall bracket and can be connected to form multi-compartment holders.


The wall-mounted acrylic holders have the same inter-connection and optional branding of their desktop counterparts, but are purpose designed for vertical display. They also come in A4, A5, trifold and business card sizes.

Table Talker

Gawk also offers table talkers, simple tabletop display solutions for pages of all standard paper sizes. The simple acrylic design keeps cost to a minimum while ensuring function and durability by avoiding glued joints.

These, too, can be branded and inter-connected with business card holders, to provide a perfect combination of eye-catching visuals and the marketing reach that cards provide.

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