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5 Top Advantages of Digital Printing

5 Top Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing is fast becoming the dominant method of producing physical media. The speed and efficiency of automated computer systems is impacting every aspect of industry and saving time and money as far as the eye can see. Gawk offers expert design and printing services to bring your organisation’s message to the world. Below we have compiled a short list of the main benefits you can enjoy by taking advantage of our digital printing services.

  1. Speed

Digital printing beats traditional methods every day of the week in the speed category. It’s as simple as uploading the desired image to the printer and letting it handle the rest. This enables same-day production and greatly reduced turnaround times.

  1. Quality

Digital printers have far fewer parts moving around in them and as the “keep it simple” adage suggests, simplicity is far easier to manage than complexity. This enables highly precise images without the smudges or distortions that can result from the slightest misalignment of some mechanical part. The high degree of precision also allows for greater control of colour vibrancy and shading, providing more flexibility in design. Digital printers produce superior quality prints with the unbeatable consistency of a computer-controlled process.

  1. Money Saver

Screen printing requires an additional step at start up – preparing print screens – which not only takes longer but costs more, while the start-up cost for digital is basically zero, allowing small and medium batch orders to have a reduced price. Screen printing can save money in the long term by reusing screens for many thousands of prints, but with the ever-changing nature of business and marketing, old screens will almost always need to be discarded for new designs anyway.

  1. Flexibility

Another overwhelming victory for digital printing is in flexibility. Computer control enables unparalleled customisation of design, from colours to details, to a whole image change, it’s as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. This makes prototyping an easy option, with no minimum batch sizes, so you can dial in the perfect design before committing to an order. It is also possible for marketing materials to be broken down into smaller, more targeted batches at no extra cost, or for on-the-fly adjustments that don’t halt the entire process.

  1. Way of the Future

The rising dominance of digital printing means that more and more research and investment is going into these technologies. This trend of development, as seen in computers, cell phones, televisions and almost all consumer technologies, results in lowered prices and increased performance with time. Computer-controlled printing also carries a much smaller carbon footprint than screen methods. Ink efficiency and the avoidance of making ultimately redundant screen prints goes a long way toward the sustainability goals of the future.

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Gawk has extensive experience meeting the needs of their customers. The capability of our digital printing facility is in the region of 1000 square metres of print in a single working day! We offer print services on various textiles, canvas, paper, vinyl, banner material, light-box material and more, as well as finishing services so you can receive your product ready for deployment.

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