Podd Branding and Display – About Us

About Us and Podd Branding and Display

Although the various Podd branding and display products enjoy wide popularity throughout South Africa, it is important that you know a bit more about us and what makes our team tick. To begin with, we are a highly motivated and dedicated group of men and women who, despite our differing individual personalities and personal aspirations, all share one important goal: each member of our team is pledged to ensure, through his or her efforts, that all of our customers will be happy with everything that we undertake to do for them.

While much of our success in meeting this goal stems from our passion, our lengthy experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry has given us a unique insight into its requirements. We are acutely aware of the effort involved in building your brand and so, equally cognisant of the need to protect its integrity whilst, at the same time, promoting it effectively and tastefully in our efforts to help you realise its full potential.

Browsing the extensive Podd Display portfolio of branding and display items will reveal a great deal about us. In these may be seen, not only our exceptional understanding of consumers and how to capture and hold their attention, but that we are also a company with a flair for innovation and a talent for maximising visual impact.

Just as revealing is a brief glance at our long and ever-growing list of often prestigious but always satisfied clients. Between them they represent a wide range of industries as well as some quite unique individual needs. It is this ability to handle such diverse demands that serves to underline our flexibility and versatility and explains precisely why our products and services are so often the first choice of corporate marketing managers.

For many of those who have been curious about what the team at Podd is able to offer them in terms of branding and display, their biggest surprises about us were often the breadth of choice that we offer and the fact that we are actually a one-stop shop. This means our clients are not required to develop their own artwork or to recruit the services of an additional third party to do so on their behalf. Instead, armed with no more than a few details of the proposed design concept and its intended applications, we begin by putting our creative team to work and, armed with your brief, its members will collaborate to transform that concept into reality. Throughout the development process, we maintain a close liaison with the client in order to be sure that any required amendments may be implemented promptly and with no delay to the promised project timeline.

Naturally, before leaping into action, we will examine your brief; compile a quote and a set a date for completion. One thing upon which all purchasers of Podd branding and display tailored products agree about us is that, under normal circumstances, we never fail to meet or exceed our promised deadlines Final delivery, however, will always depend to some extent upon prompt signoff of our designs and the extent of any revisions to the agreed concept may be requested. It is only fair to say that, while we allow for one set of reasonable changes, if the required changes should prove to be excessive, this may also require us to adjust the quoted price accordingly.

With the graphic designs delivered, the next concern is for those items that will be used to expose them. We understand that these must be durable and will often need to withstand constant relocation and re-use. That all Podd branding and display equipment utilises only top quality materials also speaks volume about us and our insistence upon providing our clients with only the very best value for money in exchange for their trust. In the wake of the tougher economic conditions prevailing in South Africa over the past few years, the need for companies to curb their spending is only matched by their need to generate new business and profits. Today, our products and services are helping many businesses both large and small to discover that a modest budget and a boost in sales need not be mutually exclusive goals.

There is very little limit to what we can do to present and grow your brand. For everything from simple, free standing displays to elaborate back-projected video presentations you need to learn more about both Podd branding and display and about us.