Exhibition Display Stands for Marketing

Exhibition Display Stands Can Be Highly Effective Marketing Tools


It would be a mistake to underestimate the power of exhibition display stands and their role in marketing. Although it’s certainly true that online tools such as websites, banners, newsletters and email campaigns have served to establish the World Wide Web as an extremely powerful medium for this purpose, the reality remains that clients live in the real world and that most still tend to spend comparatively little of their time in cyberspace. For this reason it’s important to at least support your virtual efforts with some ‘in-your-face’ printed material.


Even those annoying flyers that are so often found lodged under your screen wipers and the innumerable inserts that regularly double the bulk of your favourite newspaper do result in their share of sales along with a far greater volume of abuse. Their effectiveness, though fairly limited, is largely possible because they bring a message directly to consumers without the need for them to go looking for it. Delivering the message where it’s most likely to be seen is precisely what exhibition display stands offer companies in pursuing their marketing efforts.

These events have always been a popular means by which companies are enabled to showcase their new products, to interact with their existing customers and to canvas new ones. In most cases, the event organiser will equip the rented floor space with a table and chairs, a couple of power outlets and some limited lighting as standard with the price of registration, the responsibility for providing a more elaborate shell scheme and all but the most basic signage will normally rest with the individual exhibitor. For any company that participates, even if it only once a year, in such events, there is a distinct advantage in owning these items rather than hiring them on an ad hoc basis.

Once you have selected a space that suits your budget and your proposed activities, choosing the appropriate exhibition display stands for your marketing thrust is likely to be best handled by a brand specialist. It is likely that you will want an item or two that, together, will make up the bulk of your exhibit. These may be selected to provide a backdrop or to create counter space or perhaps a combination of the two.

Once these fundamental structures have been chosen, it will then be necessary to explore any additional needs such as a convenient means by which to store and dispense project brochures and other literature or to deliver a product presentation. In the latter case, a secure tablet kiosk accommodate an iPad allows you to add digital input on site. If it is your intention to pursue direct sales of your product at an event then there are also a variety of exhibition display stands, designed specifically for point of sale use, that could compliment your marketing campaign and offset your investment with some useful sales revenue.

One device that has always been able to catch the attention of visitors is the lightbox, sometimes referred to as fireflies by those in the trade. In its simplest form, this is simply a backlit panel used to display a transparency much like those used by radiologists to examine and X-ray film. More modern units employ light emitting diodes (LEDs) located around their edges to produce a brighter and more even display while whole walls may now be constructed either as solid structures or flexible curtains and employing similar diodes to create gigantic screens by which to provide still images or video material sourced from DVD players, personal computers and other similar devices.

Fancy features aside, the main function of exhibition display stands are to assist companies in marketing their brand. Banners in various forms and for inside or outside use, together with any full stretch displays and other items provide a blank canvass with which to add your corporate identity and DNA to your campaign.

While most companies are able to equip their exhibits not many will have the skill or the means by which to create the eye-catching imagery that will bring your message to life and capture the attention of your visitors. In addition to being one of South Africa’s leading designers and suppliers of the items described, Podd Display also offers an expert graphic design service that will take your goals, your identity and your products and mould them into a unified and impactful theme that takes exhibition display stands and marketing to powerful new levels.