Podd Visual Display and Gawk Merger

About Podd Visual Display and the Gawk Merger

Looking to boost your brand at trade shows, exhibitions or presentations? In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, most businesses hardly have time to attract prospective clients that walk past their exhibition booth or pop-up shop. Without a visually-appealing, informative and well-designed display, even the most expensive booths can fail to deliver the needed results, which is exactly why we exist.

Leading the Way in Quality Branding, Exhibition and Display 

Whether you are a business working the exhibition and display trade show circuit, or you’re an organisation trying to get your brand out on the streets, chances are high that you’ve heard about the Gawk merger that took place in March this year. A merger between two major players in the South African branding and exhibition industries, Podd Visual and Full Stretch Display, designed to meet the need in the exhibition market for quality visual display products and Gawk, who is currently leading the way in quality branding, exhibition and display

A One-Stop Solution for all Your Visual Displays

A combination of visual input and perception – brands were designed to be seen, experienced and influence. But in a volatile economy, such ours, placing enormous pressure on marketing budgets, many businesses struggle to reach their target demographic and are often forced to look for alternate solutions, and this is where Gawk’s portable displays save the day. Allowing us to deliver an unparalleled service from the design phase all the way to activation – we offer marketers a comprehensive range of innovative and affordable display products and services that include the following:

  • Corporate Branding Solutions – from design to production, we offer logo and brand development, corporate identity design, and packaging and clothing design to layouts and web design.
  • Digital Printing – we offer printing solutions that range from vinyl, decal, fabric and décor, to commercial applications.
  • Display Architecture and Point of Sale Products – offering the most versatile solutions for retail and exhibition environments, we can offer you straight walls, towers, totems, booths, counters, shell mounts, wall mounts and shell scheme rentals.

Affordable, practical, versatile and of superior quality – whether you are only looking for a few signs, a bulk order of pull-up banners with a service contract, or you are looking to update an existing display or develop a new one from scratch – we have all the tools that you will need to showcase your brand and get noticed fast. Chat to one of our Podd Display experts today.