Portable Display Stands Gauteng

Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with your Biggest Competition with Innovative Portable Display Stands

The expo industry in South Africa has become increasingly competitive in recent years as more international fairs and events are drawn to one of Africa’s biggest economies. Today, you need to stand out or fade into the background; there is little middle ground. It is the difference between attracting valuable new and returning business or signing them off to your competitors. Portable display stands offer incredible flexibility and style, and are easy to use and transport to different events and expos all across Gauteng.

There are many different portable display stands available that are sure to appeal to a wide range of requirements. Some of the many different types of stands include:

• Booths;
• Towers;
• Totems;
• Counters;
• Wall mounts;
• Digital kiosks;
• Shell mounts; and
• Straight walls.

When you collaborate with the right supplier, experts within the exhibition industry can help you to create truly inspiring and attention-grabbing graphics. These graphics are then printed on the type of banner and display stand you intend to use for your expo or fair. It offers a great deal of awesome opportunities to advertise your business and brand to the public. If you do not harness the advertising power of portable display stands in Gauteng, you can be sure that your competitors will.

Utilising Portable Display Stands to their Full Extent

Do not make the mistake of thinking that portable display stands can only be used in exhibitions and expos in Gauteng. There are many areas where these display stands can work well for your business, and deliver fantastic returns on investment. These stands can also be placed outside retail stores to advertise special promotions, deals and specials, as well as at schools and colleges to inform the public about open days and other events.

When done properly, outdoor advertising can rake in the crowds. Therefore, consider PVC banners, double-sided banners, roller banner stands and sturdy A-frames. Podd Display is an experienced manufacturer and designer of excellent quality portable display stands, and we have been servicing the Gauteng industry for more than ten years. Our founders have their roots in the South African exhibition and display industry that dates back more than 30 years. The goal behind our company has always been to instil a culture of continued innovation and strategic sourcing to facilitate strong client and supplier relationships. Our outstanding level of service provides a complete experience to marketers in search of ways to make their brands stand out from the rest.

Local Sourcing of Raw Materials

One of the secrets of our persistent success is the fact that at least 60% of our raw materials, hardware and products are sourced from leading local suppliers and manufacturers. This makes it easy for us to place such confidence in our products, since we know we only use the very finest quality raw materials in their production.

Through this efficient supply chain and our curated supplier relationships, we deliver the service and innovation that our clients demand at competitive rates. Podd Display is a Level 4 BEE company, which further underscores our commitment to seeing true transformation occur in South Africa. Support proudly South African businesses while accessing great quality portable display solutions.

Let us use our lifetime of experience in the design and manufacture of portable display stands in Gauteng to your benefit. Partner with us for all your display stand needs, and let us help your brand attract the attention it deserves. Save with our competitively priced display solutions, and take your company into the future with excellent quality portable display architecture.