Portable Exhibition Stands

Portable Exhibition Stands

The Power of Portable Exhibition Stands

If ever there was a need to follow customers around (literally), it is now. While no one has taken to running after prospective customers down the main street, at least as far as has been reported in the mainstream press, it is nonetheless true to say that every business is hungry for customers after unprecedented disruptions to the global economy.

For less urgent reasons, a great many other organisations find that they need bulk yet portable facilities or a promotional presence in order to either display or trade their goods at times. Whatever the rationale is behind it, when a portable exhibition stand is needed, it is true to say that only a portable one will do! Almost portable or partially portable just will not hack it – portable exhibition stands demand smart design for genuine utility.

The Pop-Up Abilities of Portable Exhibition Stands

Of course, a part of smart design is the ease of use, and portable exhibition stands should be up and entertaining guests out front in a matter of minutes. The modern rise of fully equipped food trucks at weekend and other events is in some ways the epitome of the portable exhibition/distribution model. Portable is a valuable attribute, and never more so than when it comes to presenting at your best in a matter of minutes, wherever you need to be.

These stands are becoming the new default for companies that attend a number of trade shows or public exhibitions every year. Forget the days of planning and getting the team to erect your stand – these stands eliminate the stress around presenting well and on time, and they lower labour and logistics costs as well. They are ideal for:

  • Pop-up, short notice displays
  • Mobile marketing of whatever nature
  • Retail sampling or interaction
  • Conferences
  • Temporary retail displays
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Direct marketing
  • Brand activation

Compact and smartly designed, the stands marry minimalism with all of the essential components, which is one of the principal reasons many organisations have switched to portable as the only option. There is no compromise on effect or utility with portable exhibition stands – they are an improvement without the loss of essential attributes.

Heighten Corporate Image (and Sales)

These stands at trade shows are perfectly capable of displaying promotional literature, positioning samples, and even enabling product demonstrations. What is more, their innate design and build means they are also perfectly suited to a modular employment along with other portable exhibition stands, making for great presentation at larger events. When you need to cover space with your brand, a series of portable exhibition stands allows for the best utilisation of available space without compromising brand aesthetics or functional display.

In a real sense, they eliminate the “fiddling” around each show or exhibition, and also force an organisation to define their brand presentation in terms of shape and size. That might sound lousy, but in fact, it is a fine thing, as it eliminates a whack of indecision around the basic build, and ensures that the most pleasing, generic shapes emerge, which can then be variably branded or otherwise accessorised.

Make People Gawk

Here at Gawk, we are specialists in presenting our clients in the best possible light, from the basic design of display stands, all the way through to the subtleties of human psychology – we factor in everything. For professionally designed and manufactured stands that offer fantastic utility, and are lightweight and easy to transport, call Gawk to discuss your needs.

We will handle all of your requirements with a professional demeanor that makes for great service. Contact us today!