Portable Exhibition Stands

Portable Exhibition Stands and Products to Help You Make a Lasting Impression

Tradeshows are excellent places to build brand awareness, attract the attention of thousands of people who would otherwise not have known about your products, and to generate a lot of sales and sales leads. However, without the correct display products, your booth will simply not be able to compete successfully with hundreds of exhibitioners. You need everything possible to make a good impression, keep interest and focus the attention on your specific products and services. It all starts with the correct selection of portable exhibition stands.

We provide you with every possible display stand and product to help make your exhibition unique and professional, some of which are briefly introduced below.

Portable Straight & Curved Walls

The modular structure of the portable straight and curved walls enables you to enlarge the display in your exhibition stand according to your requirements. You can use several walls to form a complete booth or use our structure system and place the walls in front of such. Lightweight frames, interchangeable print options and high-quality digital prints are reasons for investing in the curved and straight walls.


The towers are well-suited for adding 3D effects to your portable exhibition stand. With printable surfaces on four sides, you can place the highly visible display stands in the middle of the floor or at a strategic location to grab attention. These units are perfect for usage together with the straight and curved walls to create a visually attractive portable exhibition stand. We offer square, round and elliptical towers.


The totems are double-sided or single-sided display stands for large printed ads. Improve the quality of the visit to your exhibition stand by adding an iPad or another digital kiosk solution to the totem. In this way, visitors see the large printed surface advertising your product and can get more information by using the digital kiosk.

Portable Exhibition Stands – Booths

Impress with full-colour interchangeable printed fabric walls. Our trade booths are lightweight in design and because of their modular structure, you can create a custom booth to meet your particular exhibition requirements. These units are excellent inventions because you can store, transport and erect them at several tradeshows. With the durable fabric prints, your exhibition stand will look good for years to come. The portable booths are easy to set up and you have flexibility when it comes to configurations.


Complete the exhibition booth with one of our portable and modern counters. We offer you several types, including service, bar and plinth styles. The counters can be branded to emphasise your marketing message and with such, help to create a coherent look and feel. Using Full Stretch Display (FSD) technology, counters of all types and sizes can be erected. The lightweight particle board makes it easy to transport the counters. The fabric print tension wraps around the entire counter for a professional finish.

Shell Mounts

Easily integrate LCD screen brackets for digital kiosks and interactive displays with the portable shell mounts allowing for more flexibility in your exhibitions. The mounts are lightweight in design and can fold flat for easy and compact storage. U-shape, L-shape and End-shell mount systems are available. As with all the products related to our portable exhibition stands, these mounts are modular in design. Interchangeable fabric print options are available, enabling you to keep the structures and simply change the prints, which will help to save on marketing, branding and exhibition costs.

Apart from the stands, benefit from our project management expertise and booth rental options.  We are committed to quality and affordability. View the full product range and contact us for quotes and assistance in selecting portable exhibition stands to meet your tradeshow requirements.